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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Paganism in the Christian World

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Hemel Hempstead

 Paganism in the Christian World

Increasingly the divide between the pagan and the christian the line is blurring.
Harry Potter is considered fine.
If you have studied anything about ancient Pagan cultures you see that our society is not christian.
The worse thing is that the more the church tries to be relevant with the world, the more pagan it gets.

In the twentieth century mind idolatry is something that is relegated to something like football or something else. It does not take into account say the modern movies which according to Jewish Standard would be classed as an Idol.We seem to put something classed as old and because it is modern do not relegate it as a sin.

It is interesting to note that things like Child Sacrifices was after a Profliration of Sexual Debauchery in which they sacrificed the children,to get rid of them, basically a modern version of abortion.

Tattoo's is another thing from Pagan history which is prolifirating back into Christiandom

Our problem is that in our society something modern or new is never studied in the light of scripture or history.
It has always been the dripping tap of sin which has damaged my life the most.
Jesus deliver me from the dripping tap of sin, as I am a mess and need you.

there is no difference between the world and the church.

Dominic Shiells

 2007/8/22 12:11Profile

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Omaha, NE

 Re: Paganism in the Christian World

All the more reason for us to shine as lights
of love in a darkened world and to be the
salt of truth that bears witness to the
gospel!! ;-)

Martin G. Smith

 2007/8/22 13:47Profile

 Re: Paganism in the Christian World

The other Sunday one of the church leaders preached that we shouldn't use the world's methods to do God's work.

It was an excellent talk, really in the Spirit, and I could say "Amen" to everything he said.

Yet the church (and presumably this dear man also) recommends Rick Warren's books, [u]without apparently seeing any contradiction whatsoever![/u]

Doesn't Rick Warren advocate using worldly methods to further God's Kingdom???

We are dancing around "golden calves" without having the slightest idea that we are doing it.

Lord have mercy on us!


 2007/8/22 17:33


Although Rick Warren has contributed greatly, especially financially to Evangelism. From what I read and hear, he contributes 90 percent of HIS income and he lives on 10 percent, which 10 percent is most likely a large sum. I do not agree with much the teachings and church proceedures and especially the repackaging of the gospel as some call it. It would be great to see the same number of people in a growing church that are committed to HIM and dying to self that I don't see in many of at Saddleback Church, notice I did not say all. It is not about the numbers of members, but the number of people who have made HIM LORD and KING of their life. I don't think the gospel is in need repackaging, In fact Paul said if anyone preach another gospel let him be ___________. The gospel that Paul preached has worked with power for over 2000 years and we don't need to change it. If God hasn't built it, they labor in vain.

 2007/8/22 19:37

Joined: 2007/1/31
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 Re: Paganism in the Christian World

Increasingly the divide between the pagan and the christian the line is blurring.

when we talk of a building with people in it.. whom say they are Children and are not, Then I agree fully.
But I think that even Gods Children are disobeying his voice. But with those who are his, he will finish his work he has started. We bend our knees and repent or God will humble us.

Harry Potter is considered fine.

I have talk with those think it is ok, even those who have walked many years with the Lord.

Maybe we are sinning are blind to it?
But I think our view of sin keeps getting less,
and we don't know what holiness is?
So many are doing what they think is good, this what is taught.
If we are fitting God in, and in his word. Then we will be blind to lots of things.
The truth is what set us free..

God we must cry to free us, brake us and ope our eyes. If we step in light and let it expose us.
It takes humble heart to be willing to confess our sins to one aother. Not many really want to face our evil flesh. But Sin is Sin.. It same there is no good sin, or less..
I think about brother doug, who shared about how he was on the floor rolling around crying, because of his sin.. How much do we weep over our sins?

Is there a differnce from the world and the church?
Again those acting Church No!! They know truth..
but those who are his, yes they should know we are His Children.. and we should weep we are living like the world.. we are to be light and salt. We are to be Holy.. as He is Holy.. We are love him frist.. and others.. We are to be differnt, we are bought with the blood of Christ.. Our lives are his..

I think we need to pray for frist and formost ourselves. starting with me. What love of world grips me? What I not willing to let go of?
When people look at me, what do they say?
Do I love others?
How do I love others?
Do I give to a need I know of or do I say someone eles will meet that need?
How willing I am I to give?
Do I go out of my way to meet new people at Church or do I keep to my friends?
I am I willing to share my self with others?
DO I put others needs before Mine?
How often do I help other before myself?
Do I praise others, and use my lips to build them up?
Do I judge, and ask them to serve me?
I am I servant?
Do I go out of my way to help and pray for someone?
I am a person of my word, when I say I will pray do I?
I am a person of my word?
Do I want to help those in need who are older and do I go visit the sick?
Do I call and see how they are doing?
How much time do I give to help otehrs?
Do I say my time, and guard it ?

Do I love God?
Do I love him with my thoughts?
Do I love him my words?
Do I love him by my time, do I make him frist?
Do I love being in his word?
What keeps from his word?
DO I love to listen to what he say is best?
Do I want to obey?
What do I love more then you?
by the way I make you last? or less time with you?
Do I love moives?
Do I love sports?
Do I love family or friends?
what keeps me from being with you more?
what sin do I love?
Do I hear gossip and say nothing?
Do I see evil and say nothing?
Do I hear that dosn't honor you and say nothing?
Do I love my family?
How much do I tell them of you?
How much do I give to show them your love?

How do I love the lost?
How many times have I shared you to lost?
What keeps from sharing of your wonderful name?
I am I willing to suffer for the gosple?

Do I want to hear you voice and get to know you?
Or what others have hard from you?
I am I hunger to live for you?
Do I joy in Christ?
Do I praise you for all you have done for me?
DoI thank you for all you have given?

DO I pray?
How often do I pray?
Why do I pray?
what keeps me form praying?

Do I know your holiness?
Do I really want to be holy as you are holy?
Do I hate sin?

In his love


 2007/8/22 21:07Profile

Joined: 2005/2/21
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Edmonton Alberta Cda.

 Re: Paganism in the Christian World

I believe the biggest problem for Christians today, is all the people that go to a "church" building, read their bibles once in a while, and say grace over their food at home, think they are Christians. The truth is that MOST people in "church" on Sunday, and struggle to read a couple verses of scripture every once in a while, ARE NOT Christians. These are those people that are called tares, who are allowed to remain amongst the Saints, until the final harvest.

Mat 13:36 Then he left the multitudes, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Explain unto us the parable of the tares of the field.
Mat 13:37 And he answered and said, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;
Mat 13:38 and the field is the world; and the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom; and the tares are the sons of the evil one;

Mat 7:13 Enter ye in by the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many are they that enter in thereby.
Mat 7:14 For narrow is the gate, and straitened the way, that leadeth unto life, and few are they that find it.

Many in the pews next to us are not saved, but they talk, act, and carry on as if they are. These are the ones that allow these abominations to enter in.

Blessings Greg :-?


 2007/8/22 23:09Profile

Joined: 2006/12/8
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 Re: Paganism in the Christian World

Deltadom, this is a great post. Thank you.

First of all I want to clarify that the true church and bride of Christ IS much different than the world... but if you are talking about a building filled with people who claim Christianity and live like the world... then I agree with you! We know that the majority of America claims to be Christian, when in fact we know this to be a hideous lie... the path is so incredibly narrow and there are few who find it.

I think that we as Christians, like awakenwithin mentioned... are really blind to the paganism that runs so deep in America culture. It seems we just can't see it.... until God shows us the truth.

I think that we haven't heeded God's word as we should. God told the Israelites not to take in the other culture's idols but to have nothing to do with them. He said they would become a snare to them. We as Christians have taken the world's tv, music, movies etc. and put them in our homes as a centerpiece. We give our attention to these things... and it can often be nothing more than idolatry. And what has happened. Has not this culture's pleasures become a snare to us? And then we go to places, and pay money to witness sin. Take a movie theater for example, we willingly give our money to this wicked institution of hollywood paying them so they can make more evil. Christians are contributing to the moral degradation of the entire world by accepting America's entertainment and enjoying it. The sad thing is that many cannot completely see the true nature of what they are watching... that the theater is the devil's house.

Sometimes, we as Christians would rather sit on the couch or go to a movie and fatten our bellies when we could be going into our prayer closet for God to enlarge our hearts. It's a tragedy.

Awakenwithin is right... we have to start with our own hearts. If we want revival in America... if we want people to put away their wicked ways... then we have to be the first to condemn that which is wicked!! How on earth will we have revival if Christians can't see the true wickedness of many of the things they love? How can America turn from it's sin if the Christians are enjoying the same sins? Many of the things we love, God absolutely hates!

God's people must first be purified. We must be cleaned, and examine EVERYTHING in light of scripture... because we can be so easily decieved.

Our churches are even filled with pagan practices. Using secular movies... having yoga classes.. playing sensual music and allowing filthy dancing... there is so much that is wicked in our churches! And I've seen it all with my own eyes.

And abortion.... well.. America's sin is so great... with the guilt of 45 million innocent babies looming over us... I dont' know what it will take to repay that blood if we don't cry out for the blood of Jesus to cover it...

We really must examine ourselves in the light of scripture and examine what we love and enjoy... because if our pleasures are evil... what does that say about our hearts?



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