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 Pray for Joshua Daniel - heart surgery today


Today Joshua Daniel is having heart surgery in Cleveland (I think). He is scheduled to speak at the Revival Conference.

Here is an email about it:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Wednesday August 22, after 9:30am, my operation will take place God Willing. It is a 6 hour operation. Several of the old bypasses are blocked. In fact it is a miracle how the Lord helped me in all the campaigns. I must Thank you all for your love & prayers. Our trust is in the Lord. We live by faith. Hence while you pray for the surgeon who performs this complicated surgery, let us give the glory to the Lord for by his stripes we are healed. After these days in the hospital, I am weak and tired without much sleep. Faith is the victory.

We will let you know the results of the operation tomorrow.

With Love,

Joshua Daniel.

PS: Recovery will take 1 or 2 weeks in the hospital they say.

 2007/8/22 9:44

 Re: Pray for Joshua Daniel - heart surgery today

Jesus, at thy word Lord fill our brother with the healing that he needs, touch the surgeon and his staff, and be gracious unto all of them that in all things YOU are glorified. In Jesus Name. amen

With Love to you Brother Daniel

 2007/8/22 12:17

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 Re: Pray for Joshua Daniel - heart surgery today

May God touch him and heal him in Jesus name.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2007/8/22 12:31Profile


I received news that the surgery was a success. Praise the Lord!

Now he needs our prayers for recovery and healing.

I have been greatly blessed by Joshua Daniel's autobiography, Get Set...Go. It is a wonderful book on prayer and revival in his younger days. I'm looking forward to hearing this brother share at the revival conference in October. I pray that the Lord restores his body and gives him strength to continue in his ministry.

 2007/8/23 8:46

 Re: update

Bro. Joshua Daniel is recovering from his heart surgery. As of a couple days ago he has recovered sixty percent of his strength. Here is a letter written by his wife, Lily Daniel:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Bro Joe continues to improve. The fluid from the surgical wound continues to drain at the same rate. He is becoming more active and is enjoying longer walks. His appetite is improving. His sleep patterns have improved despite the hospital type of disturbances.

The doctor has agreed to discharge him as soon as the wound is healed.

Thanks for your loving prayers,



Please continue to pray for healing and strength, especially for the upcoming Revival Conference in Canton in October.

 2007/9/7 11:17

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We are praying for Joshua. Thanks for the update!



 2007/9/7 11:24Profile


Thank you to everyone who is praying for bro. Joshua. Here is another update from his wife:


Update for 9-9-07

This has been a good day for Bro Joe. His voice is returning. The E&T specialist inspected his vocal chords and diagnosed that everything is normal. His walking pace is increasing. His appetite has returned to normal. The bland food of the hospital has had the unexpected benefit of an absence of stomach acidity. His general condition is good.

The wound was inspected yesterday and it is healing. The drainage continues at a reduced rate. He has been prescribed an oral antibiotic.

We expect him to be discharged on Monday. The nursing support can continue at home in South Lyon.

Thanks for all your prayers.


 2007/9/10 10:46

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