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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What are the Biblical views on providing family protection against evil people?

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In this thread, we discussed a situation in which we could all face at anytime and we all pray we don't. I am not angry with anyone about their comments on this subject and it appears everyone gave their comments as they understood the Word. When we review the history of the church and how evangelism progessed in the most effective way, we see people standing against evil and evil people. When that ceased to exists, the devil has free reign until Jesus comes and takes him out. Sure we can talk about how long it took Paul to get from Athens to Corinth and probably not get near as much friction with each other or talk about which version of the Bible we prefer. However, if we can't relate God's Word to todays happenings, then we are missing the whole point of HIS Word. I agree with our comments need to be done with respect for others, and I get to blunt myself often and apoligize for it, but at the end of post and the end if the thread, if we have all gave what God laid on our heart, then we have accomplished much more than we think. To stay away from today's issues is exactly what the devil wants We can be thankful on what happened 2000 years in our Blessed Hope, but we cannot act as if it has no bearing on everyday life. What happening 2000 years ago has everything to do with our hope today in Christ. He lives today, he is not in the tomb. The devil is saying don't let HIS WORD have anything to do with today. Just discuss the history. Far too many (so called preachers) and (other people) promoting these (so called preachers) who are just tickling ears in the pulpits on Sunday morning trying to win the approval of men, and are afraid if they preach the whole council of God they will offend someone when relating God's Word to everyday situations. When Paul and others Apostles gave their life for it and we are too thin skinned to get our feeling hurt in discussing it. Just some thoughts. If we are not using HIS WORD for a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path for today's issues, then we are not seeing very well.
God Bless.

moe_mac wrote:
The enemy, the adversary, the devil, is the one that wants us to ignore using God's Word and not to discuss God's views and word on everyday situations and in everything. The only people who don't have any peace discussing those things are those who are offended who want to be. I see and hear comments often that I do not agree with, but we are to strive not to be offended by the the post or the postee about present issues. What other people believe God's Word says and speak, right or wrong, has nothing to do with what another believes, but what "thus saith the Lord", not just in one passage, but the whole book. I am delighted when I can say Amen to the things other people post and confirm and learn from a biblical application in the whole council of God in which it the subject applies, which is very vast.

[u][b]God Word unites when it is accepted and divides when it is not accepted.[/b][/u] My convictions and my compulsions are to tell what I believe to be truth from the whole council of God, and not to force what I believe to be truth on someone else because that is an impossible task. We all have the option and the responsibility to confirm truth spoken by others including myself through HIS WORD and HIS SPIRIT, and to determine what we read and confirm it is indeed truth and respond to it accordingly. Things are more easily broken down and defeated from within by deception. Most of us are well seasoned in hearing people talk out of both sides of their mouth. They say they have the love of Christ, but yet would not defend their family or fellowman from being murderered.
ummmmmmm. Yet these same people would call the police to protect them in a life or death situation and also while dissing the military people who protect them and are the very reason they enjoy the freedoms they have. They are a God sent to us. God sets up and takes down governments.

The police often are required to take a life to save others in doing so, yet they will protest again another group of military people who have the same job and objective to serve and protect others.

It is amazing to me how some people spill out their anti-military rethoric and still yet not have the same thoughts and the same mind in dismantling their domestic police departments. Why are they not using using the same rethoric about saving a ton of money in that area as well and then just say we should just turn the other cheek when the evil people come to do harm to our loved ones. Are those overseas strangers not worth the same love as we are? Are they not important to God even though they don't know he is not Allah. As I said earlier, it seems to me to be talking out of both sides of the mouth. But each ones of us have our own choice and convictions and we should strive to settle it in our hearts how to give an answer to all these things.

The anti-protection military minded people rollover on military protection acts and if they become successful enough, it could eventually could remove any choice and any freedom in everything about everything until Jesus comes and settles matters of evil.
Thanks for the comments and God Bless.

We all are in agreement on the main thing,
Jesus is our Blessed Hope.

 2007/8/23 0:25

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