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I'd like to make a comment about the AOG.
I had been going to the AOG for about 5 years now, and one topic that came up was that one of their tennents of faith is that being filled with the spirit has the evidence of speaking in tongues, as the spirit gives utterance.
I would enphasise as..
but when they quote that they mean always. but I would mean not always.
I go to a new church now AOG again .
we had a new beginners class, and one of the
new people asked about it because they dont speak in tongues and the pastor said kinda quietly its ok , not everyone believes that ,
and like him I believe its a gift like all other gifts of the spirit, some healing or discernment... we need alot of that one dont we.
If someone believes that speaking tongues is the initial evidence, I wouldnt consider that an seperation issue, because alot of people get their doctrine from their experience, and not from scripture. you just have to be careful if peoples experiences wont stand up to scripture at all and become heretical. Leading us from Christ.
If you enjoy your fellowship and can ignore some issues, Just keep going and praying, but if you become confrontational about tennants of faith, you will just be asked to leave.
I say this because when we see some things going on that we dont agree with, we can, and I dont mean your are, but we can sometimes have a religious spirit or be overly prideful.
My problem with my first church was that I went to bible college and started seeing to much, and im a little over zealous and my pride killed me and my relationship with my pastor, I sure wish I would have prayed a lot longer, and tried to use a lot more grace when talking to him.
And never, ever talk to other church members about your doctrinal issues, you will be perceived as trying to cause discention, or division..
If you have to discuss your issues, stick only to the leadership, and If you dont get peace then you will quietly leave... why quietly leave.
because for your sake, and for someone' elses sake who may be new to christ or church, and they may get poisened by a rift. you never know who's watching and trying to descide to follow christ or not.
Have a great day.


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In respect to all the information posted, I have prayed about all of this. I wrote a letter to my pastor, and he promptly responded.

Let's just say he ignored 90% of what I wrote, and wrote back primarily in defense of his sermons (surprise, surprise). And I quote, "I can see how you might come to some of your conclusions due to your limited understanding of the whole scope of operating a church and the amount of time that you have invested in this fellowship."

There are also some other interesting quotes:

"The decision you make has the ability to affect eternity for your whole family."

"The ones that you say are in SS [Sunday School] and yet do not know the Word are at least trying to come and learn, so does it really matter how long they have been coming."

"I do fear that much of you information or research data is slanted or tilted to reject Pentecostal beliefs and as such will distort your ability to truly understand."

Need I say more? It is obvious that he is reading my letter with the idea that he is already correct, and that I am obviously ignorant.

This has revealed a tremendous amount of character.

I look forward to everyone's response.

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 Re: Church Problems

Dear Metacipher,

Thanks for your post. I find you have been given helpful advise here already. You are pretty much in the same situation we have been a while ago.
We just left our local charismatic church for similar reasons.
1) There is no preaching that convicts, people are only being encouraged and affirmed in their ways, no mention of sin and sinners, only "hurting" people.
2) Manipulated manifestations of the Spirit.

3) WoF teaching, Kingdom Dominion and other questionable doctrines.

I had a number of discussions with our elders about that. One of them really went out of his way to visit me a couple of times. I could not convince him but he was kind hearted and courteous while listening to my explanations. We even prayed together before we parted.

For a couple of months I thought I can help to get the church back on track. When I tried to start conversations about subjects of the faith, I hardly found anyone interested. Then I felt to follow the example of those Jews who left Babylon to build the temple in Jerusalem in Ezra 1.

We now started attending a Pentecostal church 10 miles away. We feel it was the right step.


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I am starting to realize that these charismatic movements are growing all over the place. Hank Hanaggraff was correct in stating the seriousness of error of scripture, and the spreading of such teachings as Word of Faith, the Third Wave, and Kingdom Dominion. All of these have roots in charismatic churches, which are often AoG or other Pentecostal churches. I know of the main AoG speaking against such teachings, but locally it doesn't seem to be the case.

I am glad to see that you have had honest discussions with someone that was willing to listen and not become offensive. I wish for us to all become loyal to Christ, and no longer our denomination.

I do believe we are to come to Elders and Pastors, as you have done, to make them aware. If they do not listen, we are no longer bound in such situations in which case we can wipe off our feet and leave.

In regards to the letter my pastor sent, I have responded to him. I do not know what he will respond with, but I hope that it will happen according to God's will.

Thank you everyone for all your support.

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