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Discussion Forum : General Topics : what do people of prayer look like?

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 what do people of prayer look like?

Is prayer somthing we must learn?

We see that Jesus disciples ask him how to pray. It seem we would need to ask as well.
"Why did they ask, Jesus own prayer awoke with them, it seems, a desire to be able to pray, and when they wanted to pray they found they didn't know how. They felt some need to talk with God"

What makes us a prayful people?
" it is not others people's prayer that make a man of prayer. All true prayer that prevails, is personal intimate, and original"
What does frevenlty praying?
How do we learn to pray?
I would think the more you do somthing the better you come. So they way we learn to pray in praying.
Can we know all the knowlege of prayer and all its mysteries and never know how to pray?
How did they learn to pray?" They learn to pray buy being in much prayer. they didn't talk about prayer they prayed. They did not agrue about prayer they prayed"
"Such a life of prayer costs. It is time Hurried prayer and muutered litianies can never produce souls mighty in prayer"
When do we pray?
" our LOrd rose before daybreak that He might pray, and not infrequntly he spent all night in prayer"
" all praying saints have spent hours eveyday in prayer" " They were known as men of God because they were men of prayer"
"we must seriously set our hearts to learn how to pray.. with all our hearts and strenght and all resaon.

Prayer is the soul 's sincere desire
uttered or unexressed
the motion of a hidden fire
that trembles in the breat
Prayer is the simplest form of speech
that infant lips can try
prayer the sublimest strins teh reach
the most on high- samuel


 2007/8/18 19:03Profile

 Re: what do people of prayer look like?

Is prayer somthing we must learn?

For me, the spirit of prayer was caught, not taught. A little over a year ago though I didnt even know how to pray, other then the little bit I learned in babylon, but I mean really pray to the father. I thank God for the first time I ever sat in an impromptu prayer meeting with a group of saints. It litterally changed my life and my walk. There is nothing I would rather do with brethren then pray.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/8/18 20:39


[color=0000FF]We can see from scripture that prayer is not only essential for salvation in confession of sin but asking HIM to be Lord of our life and requesting that HE put HIS SPIRIT in us and change our hearts, but constant prayer is also evidence to us we are HIS and we are walking in the spirit. We know that corporate, public, and intercessory prayer part of the Christian life showing evidence of our relationship with HIM. We can pray to HIM without ever making a sound with our mouth after salvation. We can pray with our thoughts because HE knows our hearts and our thoughts. We can also pray with our tongues and in doing so we will witness to any unbelievers who hear our prayers. He does not require any special way to speak such as to insert all the thees and the thous and the arts and all the Christian-eze. Our prayers are acceptable to HIM just as long as we are humble and reverent, sincere and are not asking amissly in our petitions. Sometimes we don’t know what to pray for and HIS Spirit makes intercessions for us when are at a loss of words. Prayer is a built in gift and privilege for the believer at the new spiritual birth. Most of us are not comfortable with public prayer as a new Christian, but we should learn to be, and if anyone ever says anything to you about the manner of speech in which you are praying. Just tell them I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to our Lord.[/color] ;-)

 2007/8/18 21:34


edit: ordainary people with a supernatural Spirit.

 2007/8/19 16:55

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