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 Re: Fellowship with the brethren

I wish I could articulate how much you all mean to me and how much you've helped me. God bless you all.

Since the word is a two-edged sword, it often pricks my heart but I'm glad it does! As long as we allow the Spirit to search our hearts and make adjustments as He directs, He will bring us through whatever situation we face.

I'm no Bible scholar but I try to share those things He's laid on my heart. I'm still unlearning some things in my heart caused by unbelief but He will lead me, He will direct my path, and I will not lean on my understanding.

I thank God for some wonderful brethren who exhort, encourage, and comfort. God bless you all!

Ed Pugh

 2004/5/9 15:24Profile

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Connecticut, USA

 Re: True Humility versus Self-Abasement

"I wanted to get some advice from the brethren on true humility versus self-abasement (for lack of a better word)."


Perhaps Art Katz' material on Humility in "Tbe Spirit of Truth" and Meekness in "Apostolic Perceptions" would be useful.

Roger P.

 2004/5/9 16:52Profile

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The man who was lord of fate,
Born in an ox's stall,
Was great because He was much too great
To care about greatness at all.

Ever and only He sought
The will of His Father good;
Never of what was high He thought,
But of what His Father would.

You long to be great; you try;
You feel yourself smaller still:
In the name of God let ambition die;
Let Him make you what He will.

Who does the truth, is one
With the living Truth above;
Be God's obedient little son,
Let ambition die in love.

George Macdonald (Poetical works volII)

 2004/5/10 21:09Profile

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