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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Can anyone suggest a uplifting sermon?

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South Africa

 Can anyone suggest a uplifting sermon?

Can anyone suggest a sermon for when you feel like you are not where you are suppose to be? I mean, when you feel like you are far away from God and want to get close to him. And have issues but feel like it doesnt go away, and you stuggle in life?


 2007/8/17 8:16Profile

 Re: Can anyone suggest a uplifting sermon?

It may take it a few minutes to download.
copy and paste the web address into your browser that is below.

I pray this helps.

 2007/8/17 8:28

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 Re: Can anyone suggest a uplifting sermon?

I was greatly blessed and uplifted listening to the following sermon from Ben Crandall, it will get your eyes off your issues and onto The Lord Jesus Christ...

[url=]Our Awesome Benefits[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2007/8/17 9:26Profile

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 Re: Can anyone suggest a uplifting sermon?

[]Anthony Wynn website[/url]
This is one encouraging preacher. You can find lots of his sermons. He is one of my favorites. I thought Greg had some on here, but I couldn't find any.

[url=]Jesus Wants This to Work[/url]
I listened to this sermon and tears ran down my face because of HIS Love.

Not only are these sermons uplifting, they will challenge you to seek HIM...and be transformed into HIS Image.


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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it really spoke to me.
Carter Conlon "Spiritual Authority"
I have made a comp of this message that really seems to speak to the friends who have heard it. I don't know how to post such things online though. Maybe I could mail it to you if you are interested.

Adam Moore

 2007/8/17 12:23Profile


[url=]Abide In Me by Keith Daniel[/url]

A sermon on John 15

 2007/8/17 12:49

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 Re: Can anyone suggest a uplifting sermon?

Hi fromtheold...

The message entitled [url=]Holy Ground[/url] by David Wilkerson played an important role in my life. It describes how "holy ground" (from Exodus 3) is not a physical place -- but a spiritual condition in which God desires for us. Brother Wilkerson boldly proclaims, "[i]God can't use a man until he gets him on holy ground[/i]!" Brother Wilkerson goes on to describe what it means to be on "holy ground." I first heard this message when I was 15 years old. It literally changed my life.

This sermon was a defining moment in David Wilkerson's life and ministry. He quit preaching for a year following this message in order to seek God's will for his life and purpose. Following that year, Wilkerson wrote [i]Set the Trumpet to thy Mouth[/i]. He also returned to New York and once again began ministering on the streets. He was no longer the well-liked "gang preacher" but a man whose eyes had been burned by the holiness of God. His invitations to preach at large mega-churches ended. He was now a "well respected outcast" by the Church. Yet his life is far more impacting now than it was when he was a young preacher on the streets of New York.


By the way, my wife and I prayed for you today. Be encouraged!


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