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 Oh, Giggles!

we've never met, but you know my reaction to something so well.

you wrote:

"Just reading this thread title made me chuckle. For those pressing in, you know what I mean. Where's Neil? Amen my brother?"

amen! the title made me roll my eyes, and think "oh no, please". Then i read my dear Greg's post, and he hit the mark, he pinged right in, to the Moravian's. I read Greg, see where he's "going", where his mind and spirit are taking him, and we both are uplifted by simiiar histories. I'm fascinated and have a Godly envy of the Moravians, something really Special happened at Hernhut...they got the right end of the stick, and Wesley picked up on that...

...and then i started to think about Greg, after i read your call out to me. Do you know what i appreciate about my brother, he's real. Thats what i look for in fellow followers of Messiah....look at it, early twenties, he's gets a vision from the Lord, redeem the internet, open a website, a repository for sermons ON REVIVAL, that is a job in itself, no support, no demoninational covering, but he does it...then by the Grace of God, the website attracts PEOPLE, downloading thousands of sermons, and we have no idea this side Heaven, how that impacted people, changed forward, people now start to come at Greg,....come speak, here there, well meaning people complimenting him, praising him, praise, compliments, "annointed" this, "holy" that...."what a great thing you've done, Greg" etc etc etc etc etc...and what does Greg do?

Thru the Indwelling Holy Ghost, Greg spots the trap of the devil, which is pride, and publically repents ON THIS FORUM, and turns from that trap, i seee it, i read his words, i pray for him, and i love and respect my brother, for what he has done, and God willing what he will do, may God the Holy Ghost guard his heart from the wiles and the fiery darts of the enemy and the weakness of our flesh.

My only regret is that i dont have the resource, yet, to quietly pour into this ministry. Brother Greg, if you read this, forgive me for speaking for and about you, but rest assured, i am laboring in my tent-making, to make this possible, because what i concentrate on, IN THE CHURCH, that is the Body of Christ, those people, those ministries, that are pure, lovely, praiseworthy, and real, you at SI, Patrick Ersig at the Jonah Project, my "home" Church, and two missionaries unnamed in sensitive parts of the world, who i love dearly, and they labor quietly.

Thats why i'm so positively weary, tired, grief-stricken about the constant stream of palaber about the "apostates", the tearing down of this one and that one, the "wall watchers", is this one saved?..OR NOT, etc etc etc...the religious arguments, about this doctrine and that doctrine...instead, myself, i want to gaze upon Jesus, Ressurected, and those who reflect that Light in their walk, and the ministries God has entrusted them with. amen to that.

Thats why i personally know more about David Brainerd, a lonely struggling, TB wracked twenty something missionary who preached to the Indians in what is now NJ, circca 1740's than I do Wesley. Nothing agaisnt Wesley, no, but it's Brainerd's life that makes my heart sing, and God took him at 29, and I thank Jesus that Jonathan Edwards was able to convince a dying David to let his private journals be published. So even though David slipped his mortal coil almost 260 years ago, thru Christ, thru the Mercy of God, he lives on, because his witness LIVES ON, his walk with Jesus is an example to any lonely struggling tzzadik.

Same with John Sung, argubably one of the main "fathers" of the Chinese "house Church", though persecuted mightily, grows, and is vibrant TODAY. John Sung suffered as David Brainerd did thru a thorn in his side also, intestinal TB in his case, died in his early 40's, but praise be to God, he left his journals! God is good.

i see darkness all around me in this filthy, vain, greedy, selfish, bloody, murderous dying world, why can't followers of Jesus be different?, why cant we be of one accord, Sons and Daughters of Abraham, followers of Jesus Messiah Ressurected?

Why can't we? Why wallow in brittle religiousity, and vain arguments over dashes and iotas? Time is short.


 2010/4/16 23:31

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