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Our faces become the faces in which the
resurrected Christ shines forth His beauty
and glory. Our eyes become the eyes of the
resurrected Christ, to express His compassion
and tenderness. He wants to view the worlds
needs through your eyes. Your eyes should
never be lent to the devil; they belong to
Our lips become the lips of the resurrected
Christ, to proclaim His truth. Your lips
become an instrument for the expression of
His message. His words are spirit and life.
The Word going forth from His mouth cannot
return to Him void. Remember, your lips are
His; they should never be used by the devil.
Our ears become the ears of the resurrected
Christ. They must stay sensitive to every
cry of longing in the heart and open to
listen with care. Take heed what you hear.
Refuse to listen to the voice of the tempter
or give in to any of his temptations. Pay
no heed to the voices in this world that
would try to lead you down the path to
destruction. Your ears belong to God; never
lend them to the devil.
Our minds become the mind of the resurrected
Christ. They must be renewed with the same
attitude that Jesus had. Seek those things
which are above, where Christ is. Your
intellect becomes His so that He may plan
through you, and you may become an instrument
for the realization of His will. Guard your
thoughts and mind in Christ; for the mind is
the devil's favorite place to attack.
Our hands become the hands of the resurrected
Christ, to serve as our Master served. If we
will act on His impulse, He will work in and
through us. The feet of the Christian need
to tread the narrow way that the Lord trod,
keeping in step with the Spirit and following
as He leads and guides. Let your feet take
you only where Christ wants you to go.
When we come to Christ as Savior, we bring
everything we have. Our bodies become living
sacrifices; our hearts, our minds, our wills-
all are His. We are to allow the resurrected
Christ to allocate our time as His own; to
control our money as His offering; to empower
our abilities and talents for His glory, His
kingdom, and His purpose. May we become wholly
His own!! :-D

Martin G. Smith

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