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I get the impression that the extreme high to extreme low effect is not uncommon among those "on fire" for God, particularly those relatively new to that degree of devotion.

Hopefully the Lord will keep the low points from being too harsh, but He knows what He's doing. I think C.S. Lewis had quite a point with the "peaks and troughs" bit in the Screwtape Letters. We probably learn more when down.

Either way, I've found it helpful to remember "this too shall pass," to keep my head above water.

I wonder what you folks think: mind-altering drugs (prozac, ritalin, etc) seem to me to be exceedingly bad ideas, and at least not the sort of things a Christian should bother with. God will heal us, best not to subject our very thinking capacities to the bondage of man-made chemicals.

Pardon the lack of coherency, I've been up a while.

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