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 The Biography of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

2 Corinthians 3:2-3 JB Phillips translation

You yourselves are our testimonials , written in our hearts and yet open for anyone to inspect and read. You are an open letter about Christ delivered by us written , not with pen and ink but with the Spirit of the living God , engraved not on stone , but on human hearts.

The Holy Spirit is forming in you and me an open letter unto all the world. And we find here what this letter or biography shall include. CHRIST!! He is writing a letter of Christ a Biography of Christ for all men to look upon and to read. We are indeed an open letter to show this world Christ , its always and will always be about Christ.

I am sorry to disappoint some of you , I know sometimes we tend to think its about us or maybe even a little about us. Well no it's got nothing to do with us , its all for Christ and to Christ be all the glory. The Spirit's job is not to just make us spiritual beings for ourselves or own use but still the Father is ever presenting the Son just as he did on that glorious day at the beginning of Christ ministry. This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.

From eternity The son has been in existence before the foundation of the world the lamb was already slain. When sin entered so did a thing called separation and loss of a vision , that vision is seeing God. Man was not out of touch with the Father no one had seen the Father , nobody knew the Father they had now been separated from the Father. John 1:18 "No one has seen God at any time: the only begotten : God who is in the bosom of the Father , he has explained him."

So it is safe to conclude Christ was an open letter of the Father. He brought man back into view with the Father. He showed the Fathers will , his heart , his mind , his thoughts were once again lifted for man to see. By seeing Christ they were able to know and see the invisible Father of whom no man has seen.

Now Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for you and me. No man since the resurrection as seen Christ , he is gone and will return once again. But until this day of his return no man shall physically see Christ. He has in return sent the Holy Spirit and the Spirits job is to form Christ within you and me. So by Christ being formed in us the world can once again see Christ.

The testimony of Christ shall never cease it is everday being written not on stone or parchment but on the hearts of born again believers. We are as Christ was an open letter of The Father an open letter of Christ. Bringing forth the very life and biography of Christ and all that this entails.The life of Christ is still by the Holy Spirit being manifested through and by the Sons and Daughters of God.

The life that is in Christ has existed from all eternity , this John testifies of in his first epistle. 1 John 1:1 "What was from the beginning , what we have heard , what we have seen with our eyes , what we have looked at and touched with our hands concering the Word Of Life."

Christ is this Word of Life and his life has existed from the beginning , this life that has forever existed and will also forever exist is still being manifest today in every believer.

John here is stating this life was not some make believe fairy tale , not some exaggerated life but a reality. We had looked upon this life , we have seen it with our own eyes , we have touched and felt the Life which was in Christ. This must also be in us my dear brothers and sisters. We are to show and allow others to see Christ and look upon Christ and reach out and handle with their own hands to life Of Christ.

Is this our testimony , do we see such a thing in todays christianity? How far have you and I allowed to Holy Spirit to write in this great and majestic eternal Biography. Are we still peddling in the elementary lessons of Christ or have we stepped out in the vast ocean of the unlimited possibilities of this majestic grace we find in Christ. Are we sumberged , have we yet to explore and allow the Spirit to write the testimopny of Christ in our hearts.

Remember this is not for you and me and but For Christ and for his glory. There is a world and its dying and we are the ones to show the world Christ. Not by our preaching and teaching and singing , but by our life. John 1:4 "In him was life and the life was the light unto men."

What message does your life send? Can others see , feel , and gaze upon the person of Christ in your life. Do you and I explain the Father by showing the Son in our life. Or is all they see is a religious arrogant creature who claims to be a child of the King , while we live a life of pride and self exalting. Never washing our brothers feet , never serving others unless its the annual once a year trip with our church to the soup kitchen.

Put on a heart of copassion , kindness ,humility , gentless and patience. Bearing with one another and forgiving one another whoever has a complaint against anyone. Just as the Lord Jesus also forgave you my dear friends. This is true spirituality , not going to church and singing in the choir. Those are beautiful things but they do not represent your spirituality.

This is a bold statement but many you sit with in church and sing with sunday after sunday will find themselves in Hell if they do not wake up and put on this Mind of Christ. If they do not allow to Spirit to write the testimony Of Christ in their hearts , Gods not going to accept anything less than his son. He did not send his Son to suffer Hell on calvary for you and I to live how we want and think we will enjoy the pleasures of heaven after.

The pleasures of heaven are not golden streets or good worship music its GOD. And if you and I cannot spend time and adore God as everything now how can we last Heaven for and eternity.

Christ has finished everything needed to be finished , we cannot do anything in our own strength to receive the Fathers love. It Is FINISHED!! Now we are to die everyday with Christ so everyday we may be alive in Christ and Christ in Us. How can we live a life of death to self??? By putting on a heart of compassion , kindness , humility , gentleness and patience. No man who is alive to his soul life will have any such virtues as these. Oh here and there he may imitate a life of holiness and humility but only my dear friends is it a imatation. And this cheap imatation of Christianity will only lead you to hell. You may say this is harsh and cruel , only because I love everyone of you do I say these things.

You and I are an open Biography , what Biography are you? The first Adam or the Last Adam???


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