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 Bible Reading/Study Plans of Great preachers

I am interested in learning the study habits and methods of Great Preachers. What methods did they use to study/memorize/read God's word on a regular basis?

Doug Renz

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 Re: Bible Reading/Study Plans of Great preachers

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 Re: Bible Reading/Study Plans of Great preachers

This is a really good question. I heard of a preacher who would read a book in this manner:

Let's say the book of John.
Starting in month 1, read the first 3 chapters of that book everyday for a 30 day period. by the end of the month. you will have read those first three chapters 30 times.

Then the next month, move on to chapters 4-6 and do the same thing.

In about 7 months, you will have read the book of John 30 times.

This is a great way to read a book that you want to know inside and out. By the end of the season of going through the entire book, you will be much more familiar with where verses are located in that book, and the context. This method is helpful if you want to master a specific book. I remember Leonard Ravenhill suggested that preachers should master some books. It's seems to be what Ravenhill did with Hebrews. He qoutes from that book alot and I think it's because he spent an unusual amount of time in it.

You can also change the amount of chapters that you read each day. I recommend 3, so that you still have time to go through the word in your normal reading time. But, you can try whatever you are able.

Also, I came across this from:

"... We need to have a plan, a strategy, which aids us to endeavor through each day with a structured and defined reading agenda.

Many of the Puritans read 10-15 chapters a day (they had the time--or rather, they made the time.)"

God bless you Jesse! -Abraham

 2007/8/5 17:07

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