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 Any attend a small-group fellowship? Try this little game!

Just a series of "thought experiments" I had. :-)

In addition to the Sunday service where we come together for coporate worship and expository preaching, my church also runs small-groups throughout the week where people of likeminded groups (e.g., youth, Tertiary Students, Working Professionals, Parents, etc) gather within an informal setting for dinner, prayer, closer fellowship and a bible discussion (the latter distinct from one-way teaching). Visitors are more than welcome, especially those unsure about Christianity but would like to learn more in a non-confrontational atmosphere.

Anywhoo, during an elder's meeting this Sunday afternoon, I brought up the question of what happens when someone with a completely different doctrinal stance - if not a complete non-believer - turns up?

As I thought it through, I came up with the following game:

Imagine someone from another church coming to your small group. Ask yourself-
1. What can we agree on?
2. Where do we differ?
3. How can we work together to advance god's kingdom through discipleship, evangelism and missions?

Once you have answered these questions, do vice versa by putting yourself in the visitor's shoes by picturing yourself going to their church's small-group.

To start off with, begin with a well-known church similar to your own. As you advance, do churches that are increasingly different until you get to a church you strongly oppose with regards to doctrine and methodology.

The purpose of the exercise is to encourage you as to where lines should be drawn and when they shouldn't be with regards to interacting with other believers with seperate distinctives in a way that allows you to stay true to your convictions while being humble towards others who differ in such a way that no one is stumbled.

Have fun! 8-)

Benjamin Valentine

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