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Joined: 2007/1/31
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THANK you Laura, there is something sweet about the body of Christ. There is richness when we give to love aother as Chist calls Sister may keep burning a deep vision in your heart for Holiness. Christ knows our heart, our deaire to seek His face, Men will come and say things. But know this God test our hearts. Keep the vision on fire. Give over what he has gifted you in. My heart leaps with joy, because I know almighty God will use you. You are a sister and friend I love you. and thank you listening to me talk and talk.. God use the body to grow each other.
Sister may God give you a holy passion. I pray you will do even greater work..
Now let praise God for what he is doing.. In both our lives. I am thankful..
In His love


 2007/8/21 0:26Profile

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Happiest thread ever. :-)

 2007/8/21 1:12Profile

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