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 there is no such thing as hell....

I was listening to a Swedish brothers bible teaching, witch by the way was very good, but he said something that got my attention. He quoted from a Swedish newspaper article were a man said something like this, since i dont have the original article i cant translate exactly, but the point im getting at cant be missed even if i should translate badly.

but it was something like this:

a man says: "well i don't believe in a hell, and frankly i don't believe in a God either, if hell was real, then the Christians should be running up and down these streets and warn everyone and scream repent"

and wile walking home from a meeting that i attended for the first time, a meeting on a home for drug-addicts, sort of a teen-challenge wilkerson style, i was on the way to the bus, and there was this carnival going on in the city, and there was thousands of people getting drunk and following all kinds of sinful lusts, and they acted as i could expect the world to act, as i used to act before it pleased God to save me, it broke my heart to see these people so ignorant of their future in an eternal hell, but what struck me was...... i saw no Christians......

i saw no children of God compelling people to come in.....

i saw the Swedish state church had a "outreach" and were spreading "their" gospel witch says its ok to bless homosexual couples and marries them in church,

but i saw no Christians.......

and that is what broke my heart most of all. And i feel in my inner most being i wanted to stand up and preach the Gospel, i have felt lead that way for some time, but i dont want to go without God.

i dont know what to write anymore, i just wanted to share what was on my heart. Im just so tired of this state "Christendom" is in,

Right now most people i know personally are on their way to hell, does it bother me? not as much as it should.... my eyes are to dry, my burden to light, my profession to weak, my testimony not powerful enough. Ohhh God have mercy on me.

as one dear brother said, im not were i should be, but glory to God not were i used to be.

But i feel lukewarm most of the time, i feel like ahhh i have so much "knowledge" and so little "power".

If i knew God as good as "doctrines" my city would either be stoning me or be revived.

i feel like weeping over my poor Christian life, is this it? if it were to end today? what have i "scraped" together here... did i burn out for HIM?

i think of Ravenhill....even his tombstone preaches conviction....

i want to know God, i want to see HIM move. in REALITY,

how i need GOD in my life.


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 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

The way you describe it, is exactly what i was thinking of myself.

Sometimes i think to myself that God has been more than merciful and patient. But still why do we not wake up?

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 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

If you seek God with all your heart...He will let you find Him...believe Him...and seek Him.

Matthew Miskiewicz

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 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

I have tried witnessing to Jehovah's Witness
They can't accept the thought of hell, either.
Why would Jesus have given such strong
warnings about hell if it were not a real
place?? Oh, yes very real; a place reserved
for the Devil and his minions and for those
who will not receive the Saviour and give
Him His rightful place in their hearts and
lives!! :-?

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

How true brother. I have the same feelings. You have said it all. I have nothing else to say on how it is that I fell.


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 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

And i feel in my inner most being i wanted to stand up and preach the Gospel, i have felt lead that way for some time, but i dont want to go without God.

Brother are you born again? Then God is in you and is able and willing to anoint you and empower you to preach before a multitude! Think of how much you may want people to be saved and know Jesus, how much more must God long for these people to wake up and know they are going to be judged by God Almighty! His Spirit gives people words to speak. One time "and I don't want to share this boastfully" I was on this outreach and I was with a group of other professed christians but the great number of them were cowards and weren't bold and courageous to challenge people and proclaim Christ to others that they might come into the kingdom of God. (off track a bit of what I was gonna state- it really can distress me when I think of the state that some "professed" missionaries are in. A number of people I spent a deal of time with, I don't even think they are born again or saved. A number of them seemed to have (Very little) concern for the lost. How could Gods' heart be in them? It is really sad, they just live at a missionary place and go on an outreach and just are just dry so to say and really are breaking Gods' heart! I hope they repent and don't deny Jesus in the future!) Anyways I just wanted to share I felt burdened this one week or so while on this outreach. (I had never open air preached to many people) I had shared about Jesus with more than one person at a time but never stood up on something and more loudly proclaimed Jesus as to attract a multitude and preach to them at the same time. I wanted to open-air. I was pretty nervous because it was during a new years celebration, with music playing at a level that was not low, drunk people, I think it is safe to say 100's of them; just drunk, young people, etc. just living in utter spiritual deception and darkness. It was truely a horrific seen for anyone who has a real portion of God's heart for people (that being a tiny bit compared to how much love God is) Anyways I had a chair and decided I was going through with it, and was really nervous because the place where I was was a really intense spiritual atmosphere. (I could go on about the place but there is no need to do so) So I decided that I was going to just read Gods' Word outloud and hope people heard me and were convicted. I think I started by reading a psalm and went on to read from atleast one other book in the Bible I believe. I hope this could be encouraging to someone. If anyone wants to message me and ask for more information about how I overcame the temptation to fear others so much as to not share about Jesus you can message me personally or ask me to and I am willing to share how God rose me above that demon or demons so that I had the boldness to share about Christ. So anyways, when I stood up and started speaking Gods' Word it was like the fear lost its amount of power. It was awesome. And even though there was music playing rather loud (in my opinion) and a bunch of drunk people around I really think God used me to touch someone. And if atleast one person was saved it was well worth any effort at all. I got persecuted in a way that is out of the ordinary (I'll just state that) it makes a heck of a testimony but I'm not sure if I want to share about it on here. (it didn't feel to comfortable) Someone almost through my bible to, it was a great experience! I think partly do to the profuse drinking and partying mixed with some demons allowed people to get a little overboard more than they would if they were just sober probably. But it was a great experience. And if anyone that is reading this is afraid of persecution. Just trust God and realize that if you are in a country that allows you to preach the gospel, the odds are you are not going to be brutally murdered and tortured and imprisoned for telling someone that they need to repent from there sins and turn to God so that they can be saved from the just wrath of a holy God! If someone is curious they can message me personally and I can share with them how few times I have been persecuted compared to all the times I've shared my faith. (that may greatly be because of my lack of obedience or surrendering to God, God have mercy) Also gospel tracts can be very effective when a powerful God anoints what someone is reading! How hard is it really to walk around and hand something to someone? If we are not even willing to do that because we are so afraid how can we say Jesus is the Lord of our lives? and how can we say we are willing to surrender to God? and love God more than anything else? Wasn't Charles Spurgeon saved by God through a gospel tract? So many believers feel like they have to have some specific feeling inorder to share there faith with someone, I state that the love of God drives a man to share his faith!! God gave us the command "preach the gospel to every living creature" Read Ezekiel 3:18!! It is a very serious thing whether we share our faith or not in Gods' eyes! And in my opinion you can see that in scriptures, Mathew 10:33 to give a good example). The sins of omission can be greater and much greater at that, than ones sins of comission!May Gods' heart be birthed within us, that we may weep and wail and weep and wail for the lost!! And with tears in our eyes may we plead with them to come out of darkness and into the light and life of Jesus Christ to be saved! May His Church receive His heart so that there lord may not be wicked spirits of fear but the Lord over creation Jesus Christ the living God! My God may the people who profess they are born of You become like you and proclaim Your truth and Righteousness! God wake up the professed church! My God save them from hell, have mercy on there wickedness!


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 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

Something must be up. God must be moving among the remnant because just YESTERDAY hmmmhmmm I said your very same words to the one Christian I know personally who is on the same page as you wrote just now. I said 99.99999% of the Church CANNOT believe there is a hell, if we did wouldn't there be a Christian on every street corner of the world crying out the world to repent for the Day of the Lord is at Hand.

Let's those the Lord has said this to pray asking for HIS unction to do just that.

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 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

I'm jumping on this bandwagon.

I am far from being broken enough. I so realize that if I speak with the greatest wisdom until I am blue in the face, what does it matter! this cannot bring salvation to no one or myself. Solomon had greatest of wisdom, but he drifted from the source of the wisdom and lost the Kingdom.
Oh Lord Jesus draw us under your wings until we are saturated with everything you are. Shine down your Glory upon us to shake the world and set the captives free. We are worthless without you O God. Your spirit Guide us. Draw us to your kingdom and give us pure water to drink, fill us Lord, for your glory Lord alone. Amen.

 2007/8/4 18:45

 Re: there is no such thing as hell....

But I feel lukewarm most of the time, I feel like ahhh I have so much "knowledge" and so little "power".

You and me both brother.

My prayer of long ago to want to "Know Him" has dwindled into "I don't know anymore". I thought knowing Him meant something sweet, instead it's been bitter.

I must hold out from being hardened and also not to condemn myself during this time of whatever I am going thru.

I have had this temptation for several months to run away into the old life. But I know that to go back is misery or to stay put is misery so I am caught between a rock and hard place.

In regards to souls. I would love to tell you about what happened with two people that I was able to minister too, but you see, I am of the belief that we should keep our mouths shut and not blab such things because our reward is great in heaven when we are not seeking the praise of men. But it's here a little and there a little. It's not a massive soul winning campaign, it's here a little and there a little in your community.

Come LORD Jesus and manifest yourself in your body, we need a refreshing of Your Spirit desperately.

 2007/8/4 19:47

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