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 Mission Trip Changed Selfish American Teens

I have seen the many selfish and ungodly teenagers of this generation. Therefore, I took my 2 teens on a life changing trip. We went solo to Guatemala for 3 weeks and stayed in a tiny remote village where they speak Spanish as a second language. We volunteer with the local indigenous Mayan church and in the local school. The pastor said we were the first foreigners to come to his church and offered to help. “We can’t repay you, but Jesus will,” he said. They asked if we were missionaries. When we told them, no. They had many curious questions about why we freely give of ourselves. I told them, “You’re our family, in Christ we’re one.” We love Jesus and whatever we do for you, we do for Christ. Luke 9:48 Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me. Matt 25:40 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

There are 27 different Mayan languages in Guatemala. The village where we stayed learns Spanish as a second language in School. The church had 2 sermons one in each language. Every one sat through both sermons.

We have read at State Department Web site that Guatemala is a very dangerous place. Since we didn’t know any one in the country we avoided bringing lots of luggage. Therefore, we only brought a small gift bag of school supplies and kid’s knick knacks. When we saw the indescribable poverty in the school we wish we had brought more stuff. The teachers had no chalk for the chalkboard and no text books. Some students had no pencils and writing books. The school was a very large 3 story dirty abandon looking building with many dirty classrooms. It has no gym, no cafeteria, no kitchen, and no playfield. There are 40 – 50 kids per classes. Women from the village came with dirty looking food and sat on the dirty school step to sell snacks to the kids. There were files every where. The Director of the school assigned us each 2 – 3 classes that we taught English to each day.

The kids in the church were wonderful. The pastor announced to the congregation that we were going to be there each night. The kids brought their non-church friends along. One night we had about 30 kids plus some parents. Some of the kids followed us home and wanted to sleep over. The family we rented the rooms from was not happy, because she thought the kids may wreck her rooms. She told my daughters not to bring them any more because the kids there have little animals in there hair (lice). We didn’t believe her. We taught songs in English like Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World. The kids stayed late and pray and sang with us each night. I have never seen little kids (5yrs and older) with such passion for Jesus. They prayed more powerful than some of the adult I heard in our churches.

I notice that all the children were happy, kind and gentle despite the indescribable poverty.

They bagged the gifts we brought for the neediest families and we followed them all through the village and gave a bag to each family.

Whenever we walked the streets in the village we heard little voices shouting our names from many directions, such as tree houses, roof tops, hammocks, stores etc. They also ran to us in the streets and when the parent asked, “who are they?” The kids replied, “Mi Profesora de ingles.” The parent responded with a big smile.

I have noticed that since we returned to the State my children are more humble and helpful. One said she wants to become a doctor and returned to help the people of the village. They both want to save their allowance to buy school supplies and take back for the kids next year.

[url=We have family in every tribe, nation and tounges][/url]


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 Re: Mission Trip Changed Selfish American Teens

Cool story man. Thanks for sharing, Jaron


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 Re: Mission Trip Changed Selfish American Teens

Thanks for sharing your experience! :-)


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