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This is in part a companion topic to my recent thread on the Church. I'm not sure if its best in the doctrine section, but as the other thread was in this section maybe its best here.

Some have quoted "Come out of her my people..." in the context of denominational systems, but I don't believe they are "Babylon" as such. The reason is that they are outward, physical entities, and to focus on them is to miss the spiritual truth.

Just as the true Church is a spiritual entity, so is "Mystery Babylon" a spiritual entity.

And just as the true Church is found in individuals of any denomination or none, so is something of Babylon" present in all kinds of denominations and groupings.

And the "coming out" is also spiritual in the first instance. Although this may lead to a physical move, it is the spiritual coming out of Babylon that is the vital thing.

Scripturally and historically there was a time when God's people had to go to Babylon, though a few remained behind.

But then the calling came to go out, to return to the roots. to rebuild the true Temple and City. They rebuilt, and they brought back the precious vessels of the House (Ezra).

What does this represent, in the spiritual and the here and now?

These days Jesus builds His church, not us, yet we are living stones if we are His, whatever denomination we may or may not be attached to.

I feel very strongly that the Spirit is saying NOW, [i][b]"Come out of her my people..."[/b][/i]

But what does this mean in practice in these days?

I have a few thoughts on these questions, some of which were expressed in the other thread, but some of the thoughts are only half formed, half understood, on the edge of my awareness - as if my spirit understands but my mind hasn't caught up yet!

So if you have any input, or can help clarify in any way, I would be grateful.


in Him


 2007/7/30 18:32

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 Re: Babylon?


Along these lines, I think Zac Poonen's teaching on Genesis in his "Through the Bible" series touches briefly but cleanly on the origin of Babylon. It's worth a listen for all those interested in this topic.



Mike Compton

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 Re: Babylon?

Me and my family are in the process of leaving Babylon now.
I was awakened to the fact that Babylon was all around me about 2 years ago. We still stayed on in our church but I sensed an increasing tension and uneasiness about doctrinal issues, lacking evangelism, no exposure of sin, TB style events, and so on. I tried to be light and salt from within, but found that I am just irritating people with my views. I was told I was jugdemental, unbalanced, legalistic and resisting God's work - sounds familiar? I feel more like an overdose of salt in the soup of our fellowship. Only 2 or 3 from my old fellowship share my views.

I do have a growing love for the Lord I believe and can embrace now all of his teaching, whereas before I only highlighted those passages that I liked.

We decided to leave our charismatic church after 10 years of membership and probably will loose sight of many acquaintances. We decided to move on to a pentecostal church 1/2 hour drive away from home.


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Babylon is a system, it is spiritual but has physical manifestations. The evangelical institutional church system is one manifistation of the harlott. Yes, there are remnant local congregations in the denominations, but they are VERY few and far between. I have SO much to share on this, as God brouht us out of the system about a year ago and we have tasted true New Testament Christianity like we have never experienced before.

I'll definately write more later this evening.

Blessings - Jim

 2007/7/30 20:49

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I think Zac Poonen's teaching on Genesis in his "Through the Bible" series touches briefly but cleanly on the origin of Babylon. It's worth a listen for all those interested in this topic.

I agree with Mike. This message by Poonen is a very worthwhile listen. The spirit of Babylon was birthed in Genesis and is finally destroyed in Revelation. Right from the very start, we see the two streams: Jerusalem and Babylon, manifested in Cain and Abel. Cain believed in God, worshipped God; Cain was not atheistic. And neither was Nimrod -- the builder of Babel -- who was called a "Mighty Hunter before the Lord".

These two religious streams flow throughout the Bible, and into the New Testsament, culminating with Jesus Christ and the Pharisaical Religious System. Poonen actually has a verse-by-verse teaching on the entire book of Genesis and Revelation. After we finish with "Though the Bible", it might be worthwhile to start an in-depth study on these two Bible Bookends.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: Babylon?

Intoxicated with Babylon by Steve Gallagher

I really enjoyed this book. David Ravenhill wrote the forward and is a supporter of Pure Life Ministries founded by Steve and his wife.


Stunningly desirable and extremely treacherous, she deceives her victims with a soothing voice and a licentious spell. She runs a halfway house to hell and many are the victims she has brought to ruin.

Babylon is not a place but the seducing spirit of Antichrist, which has quietly infiltrated the pulpits, pews, bookstores and homes of the Christian ranks. Armed with a vast array of worldly charms and enchanting indulgences, she has deceived believers into exchanging a vibrant life in God for the empty shell of powerless religion.

Intoxicated with Babylon rips the mask off this harlot’s face and exposes how she has subtly woven her mindset into the fabric of the end-times Church. It is a sobering wake-up call to a slumbering Church rife with sensuality and worldly compromise. This book will usher sincere believers into a fresh encounter with the Living God by inspiring a renewed hunger for holy living.

[url=]Intoxicated with Babylon[/url]


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