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God can only wisely justify, and continue to justify, those who keep themselves in the love of God—those who remain devoted to Him.

This statement begs the question, "how much [i]keeping[/i] must we do to remain in His love and justified?"

By Finney's teaching I can deduce there a minimum, literally a one-lie difference, and then at last He says, "that's it, no more justification."

Though I may misunderstand Finney's theology, it screams "works" to me, rather than faith. It sounds like, "justification by works done in faith that God saves workers."

Your thoughts?

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Again, I think the issue here boils down to how we define salvation (or eternal life). If we use the Bible’s (and Finney’s) definition—being in a restored, right relationship with God—then, there’s really no problem.

It’s not a matter of doing works to earn one’s salvation. It’s a matter of us doing what is necessary (the necessary conditions) to maintain a proper relationship with our Father and Friend. Is it works when I do what is naturally necessary in order to maintain a right relationship with my wife?

If salvation is truly a real, living, experiential relationship with God, then why do people cry, “WORKS!” whenever someone proclaims man’s obligation in the relationship? The issue here is not trying to earn the right to the relationship, that’s God’s free gift in Christ. But if the free gift is truly a real relationship with God, then real relationship, by its very nature, demands some conditions be met on the part of man. Otherwise, what we believe to be salvation is nothing more than a very lopsided deal where man gets off the hook and misses hell, and God gets to spend eternity with a moral harlot.

Billy Evans

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