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 Thoughts on Revival Prayer

Some thoughts just occured to me as I was reading some of Finney's lecture. How do I put this?

There are scores of churches and christians today who are praying for revival. Even my old church that I used to go to prayed for it all the time in their intercessory prayer group. They read all intercessory prayer books, they cried out to God, they tried to incorprate brokenness into the meeting. they tried it all.

I am sure that this is going on all over the place. I have heard about it for years.

I used to go to the prayer meetings and sit there and tremble and weep because the Lord was so upset at what was going on there. They were spiritually blind.

The first thing the Lord showed me was that they wanted revival because they wanted to see a great miracle, a great work of God- but they wanted it more that they wanted Jesus for himself. They wanted it more than 'pleasing the Lord'. They were not content to have just Him and try to please him with their hearts and lives.. They were looking for an event, they were looking for a cure, they were looking at what had been done in the past, they were looking everywhere but at Christ. They were not fixing their eyes on Him and listening to Him alone.

He also showed me that they did not know what true humility was, what true brokenness was. They could read books about it, talk about it, cry out for it-- yet their hearts were still blind to what it really meant.

If they had know what true humility was, what true brokenness was- they probably wouldn't be willing to do what it takes to get there.

I remember one particular asst. pastor who was very prideful and controlling (i felt it around him like a stench) yet everyone in the church thought he was so gifted. He obviously had read the latest book on Brokeness of some sort and got on his knees and cried out to God for Him to bring them to brokeness. I was sick to my stomach! I could see/hear right through his pitiful display.

He had no idea what brokeness meant. Was he willing to give up anything and everything the Lord asked of Him. Was he willing to be a nobdy if the Lord asked him. Was he willing to die to self?

His motives were wrong. He was asking for brokeness to "GET" something out of God. He was sure that asking for brokeness might bring revival, just like I am sure he thought the last "formula" would bring revival.

All I could think was that they just wanted to get something from God, yet they didn't want to have to sacrifice their sinful selves. Oh, they would sacrifice what was [b]convenient[/b] to sacrifice- but God forbid He ask them to lose their title, or give up their nice car or give up what ever they held dear to their heart.

It was all on their terms. Not His.

I really wonder if there is no lack of praying for revival. I see it talked about everywhere. Actually there may be more praying going on than ever before. There are certainly more intercessory prayer groups formed than ever. many are very proud of this and boast about it all over the internet and churches everywhere.

But is that prayer even being glanced at? If it is not done in 'spirit and in truth' (which much is not) than it is all in vain- just like the prayer group at my old church.

The lives of many of these people (who are so proud to say that they are praying for this and that , in this many groups, etc)... [b]if you would follow them home- their lives would not reflect the Christ-likeness that we are required of as Christians[/b]. If we are not living it, then forget it.

Practically every christian I know is in some sort of prayer group, whether it's for the nation and president, or the missions, or unity in the church, revival or whatever. Yet we don't see anything happening.

I have a feeling that God is not listening. [b]He looks down, sees what's in their hearts and moves on.[/b]

I believe that as time has gone on, He is asking for a higher standard. Not higher than originally required , but higher than has been required in the past. if He is calling us to pursue holiness and He is coming for a pure spotless bride- then He is not going to send a revival or doing anything like this until He sees some sincerity in the 'lives' of his people-not their speeches or their books- but in their hearts and lives.

Most are still blind to what humility, brokenness, purity, and surrender really means. Look at all of us on this forum. many of us are just recently experiencing this in our own lives-- yet many have prayed for revival and other things to happen when we were still blinded.

There has to be an unveiling of the truth first. People can pray all they want but until they "see" and "hear"- nothing is going to happen.

What we should be doing is praying for the Lord to continue to cleanse us, humble us, break us, search us every day. Only few are willing to do this. If we spent more time praying for this and then focusing on the needs of others (as is instructed in the Word) there would be more revival in the heart- which has to happen first.

Look how many are praying for revival, yet most are BLIND to the truth. We must pray for an unveiling of the truth and an unveiling of people's hearts.

Walking with Him, chanin


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 Re: Thoughts on Revival Prayer

All I can is Amen. When I returned "home" (as the prodigal) I spent a lot of time searching trying to discover all of the things God was doing. I discovered much to my chagrin was that at the root of much of these things was pride (pride in self, spiritual gifts, blessings, etc.). It wasn't really about God at all or about our glorious Saviour.

If it breaks my feeble heart, can one imagine how God feels? God help us....

Ed Pugh

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