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I went over to Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday to see him in the hospital and was able to lead him to the Lord.

Awesome news. Somewhat teary eyed this morning over reading this. It sounds as if he was literally saved "but so as through fire!"

Bon fires, gasoline and fireworks do not play well together.

This reminds me of the time a few of us were getting together in my backyard for a time of fellowship over a bonfire. One of the guys kept pouring kerosine on the wood because, in his words, "It kept evaporating." Finally he decided to light it and no sooner then he extended his arm holding the bic grill lighter, did a huge fireball rise up like Hirosima all around up the woods around us like daylight for a second!

After a breathless moment of everyone looking at him patting and feeling all his limbs, he announced "I'm Okay!"

In honor of our embarrassed friend, we spent the rest of the evening around the fire retelling the stupidest things we have ever done. (...things involving fireworks, powertools, gascans, engines...I think one story involved an encounter with a rambunctious buck during mating season.)

Let James know that people all over the country, through SI, are keeping him in prayer during his recovery. Though we are sincerely compassionate regarding his pain, we are thankful it wasn't worse, and so very glad for his salvation. Praise God.


Mike Compton

 2007/7/31 8:47Profile

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
Is he a Christian?

He is now!

I went over to Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday to see him in the hospital and was able to lead him to the Lord. Praise God. He seemed sincere... I pray that he really got ahold of it. I have some connections over there that are going to visit him and get him plugged in.

Praise the Lord! The angels are rejoicing in Heaven and I'm rejoicing here. :-D



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