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 Tabernacle Prayer

After a discuss with Greg, I'm presenting this model for prayer that benefits me immensely in my quest for a deeper knowledge of God. Below is a decription of Tabernacle Prayer. I have presented it for open discussion. Please feel free to express your opinions (whether positive or negative).

A knowledge of the Tabernacle as seen in Exodus Chapters 25; 26 and 27 is absolutely recommended for this prayer! Pastor Cho prays this "Tabernacle Prayer" every morning and "The Lord's Prayer" at night. - Worship God through your Body, which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. (see 1.COR 6:19).

You worship firstly at The Bronze Altar = The Cross of Jesus Christ = The Precious Blood! This is deeply meaningful and emotional. You speak to God about The atoning sacrifice of Jesus.
Now you are at the "Laver"... God is to make me forgiving & loving. It is easy to forgive but harder to love! We are to be made meek & humble! Don't be very rough = be tender and meek! Deliver me from covetousness etc. This is where you pray to "be washed" by God's Word! = "The Laver" = French "to wash". I use the 10 commandments, or Finney's list, from "Revival Lectures"
Then you enter into "The Main Sanctuary"... Candles = Light of the Holy Spirit... have only the Light of God = Golden Candlestick... without the Holy Spirit there is no burning Light! = no anointing! Here the self-image in Christ needs to be built up - he who condemns himself and has no respect with revelation of whom he is in Christ, destroys himself and turns into an animal! God is our Power; our Knowledge - we are equipped through God for all things... no matter how we have missed out on things in this world or whatever our circumstances fleshly-seen - e.g. born poor; illegitimate; etc., etc. ... God is our image (2.COR 3:18) and the Holy Spirit helps in every way!
Then you come to The Table of Shewbread = This is The Word. I thank Jesus for His word.
Then you come to The Incense Altar = Praise God; Creator; Almighty God. Spend long here
Then you go into The Holy of Holies = Through Jesus = The Ark of the Covenant Here we fellowship with God, and make our supplication to Him

It is hard to pray less than 1 hour using this model. I am not saying that this is the only way to pray, but that it can be a usefull tool, to help us come to the place tehre we can "pray in the Spirit".

Aaron Ireland

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