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 Remembering GaryE

Not till now did it occur to me to post this request that you all read the latest news on p12 of the 'Prayer for transplant' thread in the forum 'Miracles that follow the plow'.

I've dropped a line to crsschk and sermonindex and would appreciate if [u]all[/u] replies could be kept in the other thread - apart, perhaps, from bumping this if necessary to keep it on the front page of General Topics for a few days.

Thank you all.

I make this request with the archive in mind, as we are all familiar with the title of the other thread which Gary himself had started, although it is not the only one about his illness.

Again, thank you.

 2007/7/27 7:15

 Re: Remembering GaryE


 2007/7/27 18:20

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Thank you Dorcas.

Mike Compton

 2007/7/27 19:20Profile

 Re: Remembering GaryE

Today I received the newspaper announcement of Gary's memorial service, which I've posted in the Prayer for transplant thread, Miracles forum.

There is a [i]great[/i] picture of him - very true to the man I met.

 2007/8/2 8:47

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 Re: Remebering GaryE

Here is the link.

[url=]prayer for transplant[/url]

Mike Balog

 2007/8/2 9:25Profile

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