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 God's Mysterious Ways

Just recently I heard a couple of stories that I would like to share with you, thinking it might edify you as it has me…both are true and ongoing.

Walter is a retired pastor, former Bible Institute president who is still very much involved with his church conference in leadership positions. While he was president of the BI, a foreign student attended from Africa, whose name I do not know but will call him Paul for the sake of the story.

Paul returned home to Africa, serving the LORD in Sudan. He served a small church, most of whom, perhaps all of them, were former Muslims. They were getting discouraged, not having had many converts recently, only one in the past month. He had for some time been after Walter to come to visit and share the gospel with his flock. Walter did not want to: how can he minister to someone who would require an interpreter? And not only that they were being persecuted, culture was different. He did not think it would be a profitable journey for him to take. But Paul prevailed and finally Walter consented to go.

Walter arrived in Sudan and he did Paul’s bidding, preaching nights through an interpreter. After the first or second night, 30 souls responded to the Gospel!

There is a hospital nearby where AIDS patients are cared for and Paul wanted Walter to visit with them. But everyday when they went there they were refused admittance. On the day before Walter was to leave, Paul said, "let us try one more time." When they got there, Paul was met at the door by a nurse whom he knew because she was a good acquaintance of his sister, having attended the same college.

Paul told her what he wanted, and although she was not a Christian, she willingly allowed them in and told them to follow her. They went into a ward with very ill patients, so emaciated……The brethren experienced some opposition to being there but this nurse told them in no uncertain terms to shut up and lie down! Walter and Paul visited with 10-12 patients, and with their permission prayed for them.

The next day Walter flew home to OH. In the meantime something wonderful was happening in Sudan! One by one those patients that were prayed for were recovering and being discharged from the hospital – healed! The people started noticing this and they made the connection: these patients were the ones Paul and Walter prayer for!

What will happen remains to be seen, but we serve an awesome God!

Last winter a (EDIT) Muslim born gentleman shared in our church. EDIT: Removed}. He came to the states and while working in a grocery store in GA saw a Mennonite lady and talked to her. Before too long he moved in with this family and came to the LORD. (This is the short of the long story.) Today he ministers to Muslims in {EDIT: Removed] and speaks in churches about ministering to Muslims.

Anyhow, when he was here, he took four other brethren – including our pastor - with him to visit a Muslim imam. Now the Imam did most of the talking, with the others barely getting a word in edgewise.

Months later – just recently, I may add – one of these brethren, who is from India, was led by the LORD to go visit this imam. David took – I think 10 men – with him. Together they all shared with the imam the Gospel – and he listened! The imam told them how Jesus has been appearing to him in visions! (One of our church conference’s missionaries to Spain confirms this is happening a lot to Muslims!)

Now it remains to be seen what the outcome of this will be, but it is so gratifying to hear how the LORD is working supernaturally among people who are normally resistant to the Gospel!


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