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 Study Calvinism

Here are some really good sermons by <b>Paul Washer</b> on Calvinism. (Which I highly recommend)

(The Glory of God) in Missions by Paul Washer

Particular Redemption, Mission by Paul Washer

Regeneration & Self-Denial by Paul Washer

Perseverance and Missions by Paul Washer

The Mercy & Grace of God by Paul Washer

You Are Dearly Loved By God by Paul Washer

I am under obligation by Paul Washer

Interview about HeartCry Missionary Society by Paul Washer

It is not of utter necessity that you need to hear a sermon series on Calvinism. I might as well ask you to read slowly and prayfully through Isaiah, John, Romans, and Revelation. I began to consider Calvinism, because I saw it every where in the bible. I couldn't escape it. But, if there is anyone out there who wants to study it from some sermon series. Here's some well recommended series. God bless you! I love you, My Arminian brothers and sisters. Though we disagree... Let us be knit together in Love.

Also, I found this one. I haven't heard it yet. So, I can't say what to expect. but, the topic is unique enough to check out. It's called Calvinism in the Bible.

Also, if you are looking for a series that goes very in-depth. Here is a series by Dr. Curt D. Daniel on just about everything you could think of relating to Calvinism.

For those who think, this is as bad as handing out watch tower magazines... You don't have to listen to any of these sermons. God will teach you the truth right from His word. So I exhort you to continue in the Word of God. I am also open to any Arminians who would like to share a sermon series on their view concerning these doctrines. I'm sure it would assist us both to study the matter from those who hold the view, as well as from those who don't. However, let the Word of God be our foundation and the fountain of water that we continually drink from.

God bless you! -Abraham
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 2007/7/25 15:59

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