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i am looking forward to the response on hansen and y2k.

in His Grace.


 2007/7/25 19:16Profile

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greetings in Jesus' Name by Whose Blood we are Saved. AMEN.

You mean the prophets didn't drive around in Limos or live in mansions?

well this is not necessarily true. Daniel for example was a prophet and lived very well in Nebuchadnezzar's court and even after Nebuchadnezzar died, he lived well because that was our Lord's provision for him. Elijah lived in the wilderness as did John the Baptist. Jeremiah was of royal blood so there were times when he was favoured and lived with the king. Abraham was a prophet also and was a wealthy man. The way a man lives (be it comfort or poverty) doesn't necessarily matter much in terms of "is he a prophet or not" the only thing which matters is that God is the one who appointed him so. If that man speaks what God has given him to speak then God will vindicate His word spoken through that vessel. to be sure though, if someone comes to you saying "pay me and i will prophesy over you." i would not pay that nor mind.

it seems we have a misunderstanding, a persisting one of what it is to be a prophet. To be a prophet doesn't mean that one forth-tells the future. Elijah and Elisha, were prophets but they said little of the future. Samuel, also a prophet, dealt more with day to day things than the future. What then is it to be[i][b]Prophetic or a Prophet of God[/b][/i]? it is simply to convey the feelings of God toward His people to His people. if you read the prophetic books (as they are called, the bible itself is Prophetic as a whole) you will find God pouring His Heart out to a man who relays the information to the people of God. to call nostradamus a Prophet (in the True sense that is, the enemy can counterfeit) is to show a misunderstanding of what the Propetic is and what a Prophet is.

Also it is important to mention that the Prophet of God sees unfolding events and indeed all things through the Eyes of God and thus Sees Truly, that is Sees them in the Context of what God is doing. Jeremiah was at the king's court in Jerusalem and had access to inteligence at the highest levels. He saw these things in Light of what God was doing. So by the same token a Prophet of God today sees things unfolding and is shown what it means as far as what God is doing. Thus to speak of impending economic collapse can be one's task as a Prophet. To be sure, there are those who aren't saved and see this coming and they may not Prophets in the True sense but if God can use an ass to get a word out...One can't dismiss a man as not being a Prophet on account of speaking of such things only, there must be a deeper examination and much seeking God on the matter; it is a terrible thing to reject the word of God for any reason.

sis Mseaman made mention of how Prophets were disdained and this is a mark of a Prophet as long as He is speaking the word of God. It seems to me we read the prophetic books and miss altogether which ones among us are prophets for whatever reason. i suspect that the same spirit of stupor which was on Israel in those days is yet upon us (hence our guilt of the same things) and blinds us to who the Prophets are...

There is also something to be said about receiving the a Prophet in the name of a Prophet and receiving the reward of that. That says that we are to receive he who says he is a Prophet and take him at his word and there is a reward for that.We do this for preachers and teachers...even when sometimes they come out to be false...we are not as keen with the apostles and prophets for some reason...or at least we don't raise up as big a stink with preachers and teachers as we do with Prophets and apostles...are we not as Jealous for the callings of the Teacher and Preacher as we are for the other 2? just something to consider perhaps? Elijah's experience with the gentile woman is i think a good example of this.This is in 1kings 17. the way he responded to her about her making him some bread, "thus saith the Lord" was not something people randomly said (though it was possible and is so) so it is an announcment that Elijah is a man of God. without questioning she did as she was told. later on as he lived with her and her son she came to find out that Elijah was indeed a man of God as she admitted after Elijah was used of God to raise her son from the dead. Of course we are to observe carefully and see what manner of man this is through God's eyes...we must be careful not to do God's job for Him in this regard because we have a propensity to do so. We allow our own prejudices to interfere sometimes. Sometimes it is jealousy, "how could God use that guy?" or maybe there is something about the person we don't like, race, build, speaking voice...anything to excuse us from considering that maybe we ought to take heed and repent...anything but that we may need to press on further. i say this not as an accusation but as one who is guilty of these things speaking to brethren who (if we are honest) are also guilty of such at one point or another. This is an exhortation to us all to be wary of our prides which tend to rear up when God gives us revelation or when we need to press forward...

i guess there is also something to be said about the spirit of the prophets being subject to the prophets. When one is a Prophet, there seems to be a bond there which is unique. i would say it is like being black or white. i'm black (African) and there are some things which i could explain to you in great detail but would remain abstract to you all except you had a similar experience. The same can be said of my bros Krispy (a former jarhead) and Mike Balog, both of whom are white (well Krispy has Cherokee in him), some things they could explain but would be abstract to Krispy's love for (some) rock and roll or other experiences which he has had due to his race and age, Krispy is up there in age y'all :-P

anyhow i pray God that in the midst of this all we don't lose sight of what is Prophetic.

Grace and PEace be ours in Jesus' Name. AMEN.

Farai Bamu

 2007/7/25 21:51Profile

 Re: Prophets...

A long time ago I read what a prophet's "reward" was/is.

It was a list of what happened to each O.T. prophets. I can't remember the whole of the list, but I'll never forget that "Isaiah was sworded in half".

When these prophets are taking their "calling" with only that "reward" in mind ... then maybe they've "got the stuff for the job". :-D

Despite what our friend Corey said :-P , I like brother Ravenhill and the article MaryJane left on the Article board. Like I said,I read that when Keith Green had his newsletters sent in the mail.
That's a very good article.

In fact that article is excellent. He was right on spot with that one. That's what these prophets should expect to receive - Amen.

Some ministries, especially those with 501c3 statis, remove all of their false prophesies from circulation when what they said doesn't happen and back in '98 - '99 a lot more was said via radio than written on the Net. That's the privelege of those who do it for "a living". The real ones work a job and are everything else that Ravenhill said.

I just am very leary of those who tell you they are Prophets. That always means, "look to me" for the "right" answer.

I liked most of what you wrote IRONMAN, just wanted to add - counting the cost here.
And I'm glad you brought up the difference between what an O.T. prophet was and now since we all have the Holy Spirit.

In the O.T. even the King and Priests had to consult a Prophet before they acted.
Now it is not so and all Saints have the ability to discern the will of God or the direction that He wants or is going to move.

I pretty much shot the wad on what I think about this calling earlier but just thinking here - Prophets are one of the Five Ministerial Gifts, but if your Church doesn't have one per chance, I still think that God will use anyone there when needed to speak a word of wisdom or knowledge or even speak God's foreknowledge of a future event. Even through kids.

Lest we get puffed up.

Blessings !!!

Thanks brothers and sister.

 2007/7/25 22:21

 Re: Prophets...

Oh Lord, brother, I'm sorry for so many posts on this but I just thought of anutter thing.

Even though only the O.T. Prophets were the ones to go to get words from, except for the Urim and Thumin, {no time to spell check - ha}, they didn't have a "following". Like a bunch of folks following them around.

They just sort of pop up for occasions and then go back out into the desert or somewhere's.

I know you mentioned Daniel, but I'm trying to think of any others that had a set up like he did.

But anyways, my point is more toward N.T. prophets. They're hardly ever mentioned though they're in there, but the other ministerial callings are in there a lot more and even then, the part about having "followings" of any type is alluded to as not being a very good thing.

See ?

 2007/7/25 23:17

Joined: 2007/7/24
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hello again grannie.

you spoke things of Hansen which you yet have not given us any reference for.

i am only asking because when we say things about others that are gossip then we plant seeds against that person in the minds of others.

i would like you to show us where mr hansen gave a prophecy about y2k as the link you sent has no reference to him doing that at all.

so far his prophetic utterances and doctrine line up with Scripture and self denial and a surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus.

His words from God have been shown to be 100% accurate for entire nations.

please reference your statments for me sister.

i love you in Jesus.

In His Grace


 2007/7/26 0:20Profile

Joined: 2004/6/15
Posts: 1924


sis Annie

Greetings in Jesus' Name by Whose Blood we are Saved. AMEN.

When i said Prophet's reward i was talking about a reward in Heaven, or a benefit on this side for receiving a Prophet. For example the lady who received Elijah didn't starve while others around her may have. She also received her son back from the dead. Of course you bring a good point in mentioning the reward the Prophets oft got...death. to those who presume themselves Prophets but are not called of God often don't even think that death is very likely. i would dare say that perhaps if we examined their attitudes toward the Cross and what it stands for, that would be quite telling who sent them...

ultimately the Prophet's Concern is whatever God's Concern is without much regard (if any) to the consequences for his life.

I just am very leary of those who tell you they are Prophets. That always means, "look to me" for the "right" answer.

these ones don't bother me so much because being a Prophet, God has extended Grace enough that i may discern what is of Him and what is not. i don't claim to have all the answers...but i do know who does as do we all. when i say i am a Prophet it is not that i am looking for recognition (though for some reason it is sometimes misinterpreted as such) but saying what God has called me to be like a Preacher or Teacher or Evangelist. if it was recognition i wanted, i could go about that in far less painful ways :-P !

really my concern is that the word of God is received. i suppose the message is not necessarily easily separated from the messenger as it seems in most cases, the messenger was made the message by God...

indeed the O.T. Prophet was the one to consult in those days but now that we have Holy Spirit and access to the Throne, the issue is not consulting the Prophet but testing to see if the word which he/she brings is indeed from God because we can go before God and ask. The role remains the same though, the prophet is often sent of God with a word of correction or whatever else God has on His Heart to share. indeed this gift is given for the Perfecting of the Body, that is the proper unification and functioning of it.

I pretty much shot the wad on what I think about this calling earlier but just thinking here - Prophets are one of the Five Ministerial Gifts, but if your Church doesn't have one per chance, I still think that God will use anyone there when needed to speak a word of wisdom or knowledge or even speak God's foreknowledge of a future event. Even through kids.

i don't know how many fellowships have Prophets within them but i know there are some. it seems though that Prophets tend more to be loners given the oft solemn nature of the work required of them.Then also it's not likely that Prophets have followings except the Spirit of God has moved and united people, in that case the Prophet is not a leader as such but functions as a part of the Body. of course the enemy could sow seeds of pride there and mess up something which would otherwise be good. Sometimes though the "followers" as it were need to check themselves lest they deceive themselves and others.All the same, it is the Spirit of God that gives gifts as He will for the Glory of God.

oh by the way i also mentioned Jeremiah as being of royal blood and sometimes in his ministry being taken care of well. i guess being wealthy is not really the issue, well except if the way of gaining it is unscrupulous, then there is cause for concern.

Grace and Peace be ours in Jesus' Name. AMEN

Farai Bamu

 2007/7/26 0:42Profile


Hi Search_Me, I do believe you love in Jesus, that is why I've tip-toed through my answers here very carefully trying not to come right out and say anything that might hurt you.

What I've done is describe what a true prophet should be like and used Ravenhill's description as a very good pointer.
That article is in the Articles Forum, by MaryJane as author of the thread.

I "listened" to Jonathan Hansen back between '98 until about 2001. I don't like judging folks for the reasons I gave in my first post ... have you really read my posts ? You probably have because you are still searching for more of an answer.

The first link I gave at about the third post on that thread gave some info about "The Prophecy Club".

I can only tell you that we first heard him there during that y2k hype time. Mind you I am pentacostal and believe strongly in the gifts and know prophets exist and whatever but I kept getting this check in my spirit on him. I later found out that he was 501c3 and whatever else that I intimated about since before Y2K, was because he was on the Prophecy Club show during all of the hype.

This is about "a prophet with a following".

If he never was in that Y2K group, he still would have to pass a lot of tests of what a true prophet does and doesn't do.

I've typed my fingers swollen on this thread, HA, actually I did, so I will leave you with Corey's joke about me and G&G ha, but I will tell you, that FIRST you must know what a prophet should and shouldn't be like or do before you can discern if what he is doing is right. That's what all of my posts were trying to say. My first was to cut slack but warning at the same time. I want to be fair, but I cannot endorse this man because of all the reasons I gave in all of these many posts.

We even got his mail for a while and I've never seen a "prophet" profit from prophecy until we started looking at him, except for some nut down in S.C.. Shortwave is full of very strange characters and that is why I listened to it a lot before I got a computer. I listened to it from '98 to 2001 or 2 when I got my computer, because I don't watch T.V. at all.
I bought my husband a Boom box for Christmas and it had S.W. in it's radio ... so there I went.
It's NUTS but we were into that type ministry of apologetics at that time.

So, it is entirely up to you who you follow brother.
I don't know what else to say except that we are all free to follow who we desire to.

I prefer not to follow folks who have these type associations and during that time of 98-99 and who make money doing it ... and can "prophesy" what anyone here could, with enough political knowledge of how things work. Which Hansen is not accurate in, but saying that is another whole discussion that I won't get into.

I believe we are living in the last days.
Hansen believes a bit differently because if you read that prophecy that you posted, that he kept adding to since 199?, at the very bottom he says ....

""To avoid the above, there must be a mighty, genuine revival (repentance) as in Nineveh (Jonah 3:5-10). Or, a powerful spirit of prayer must arise that will result in the mercy and grace of God as Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:23-33). There is hope! If we meet the conditions of God (II Chronicles 7:14), he will hear our call, forgive us and heal the land! If we do not meet the conditions, judgment will fall and all of the prophecies will come to pass.""

Well there's his "out". He predicted all these earthquakes but I have the earthquake link on my desktop and went back to 1990 and there is no increase in them. Is that because we are doing what he said ?

And others thought I was a prophet of doom. :-(

If a website must continue to update their webpage with "Articles" from the Newspaper that don't even fit their prophecy .... Awwwwwwwww .....

I give up friend. You can follow him wherever he's leading people to in the end.

Love in Jesus also ! No harm meant.

IRONMAN, you've said nothing that I don't agree with except for my one personal conviction. Did you read that article by Ravenhill about prophets ??? I just don't think one needs to tell folks that they are, because I think their "words" tell if they are. Only difference of opinion here ... not a condemnation at all ... just a personal conviction, that's all.

All His Best to you & yours.

 2007/7/26 3:25

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thank you grannie for your kind words and may the Lord bless you today and eternally in Christ.


 2007/7/26 12:52Profile


And yet few on this board question any such prophecies made by the likes of Ravenhill or Wilkerson.

Actually... I do. There's been some things that each have said, or "prophecied", that I dont agree with.

I'm not prepared to burn either of them at the stake just yet because there is much both have said that is right on the money. But I dont buy into every thing.

I think there are other men who are more detrimental to the church than these two. Rick Warren comes to mind.


 2007/7/26 13:11


Hia Krispy, you know, I think you and Corey have a good idea there to just examine words of different folks.

I heard D.W. say that he wasn't a prophet but a watchman.

Now, unless he's changed that by his own admission, I think what he does is look at our current moral decline and lay it against God's word of what God does to places like that.

I don't follow him and haven't for 9 years because of some things he said in a few Newsletter messages. One, that the Dome of the Rock was the Abomination that causes desolation and just wee things similar, but I've love the man for all the years I've knew him and repect his work in N.Y.. I prayed with him in private and when I first got saved, he was a great person to learn a lot from.

Now Ravenhill, I only know from those Keith Green newsletter from over 20 years ago. So, I would have to have someone to point out prophesys he's made or anything like it.

I really do think this subject is important at this juncture and though Search_Me didn't start for all these men out there, I'd still like to look deeper into any who have either predicted things or the like.

Also, because I personally .... now this is just me, don't believe anymore that we should "follow" any one man. About 10 years ago that hit me like a ton of bricks.
I felt to just "agree where we agree" and that's about it for the folks I was getting mail or newletters or whatever from.
When they're right they're right but like all of us, when they're wrong - they're wrong.
Seems the first 20 years I was saved, I'd get to liking someone in a ministry and then splat, they'd fall or something or just go off on some tangent or false belief or whatever.

There are many I enjoy, like Alistair Begg and Charles Stanley and many others on Billy Graham's station up yonder, but can't say I "follow" them religiously and have small differences in opinion with them all, but they are no different than what we see here for "differences" that doesn't break fellowship or love.

I think if we lay it all out on the table, we'll see where to maybe draw the line and how to trust GOD more, instead of men. Seems to me that that is when we all get into some sort of dispute, when "what we've heard" is not what someone else "has heard". Ya think ? Maybe it would help us to trust God alone & more .... and someday soon, we may need to really really do that ?

Thank you or anyone else who will help look at all of this stuff and explore it without being mean-spirited. It's hard I know to stay calm when we've ever covered those obvious ones out there, but just trying to bring it in closer to home, to those that are more accepted in our circles, for our own growth, mine included.


 2007/7/26 14:10

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