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 Is He Still A God Of the Impossible ??

A well known Cliche in christian circles today is this phrase of: "God said it, that settles it, i believe it" ( end quote ) IOW ... if it's in the Bible and it's taught - then who am i to reject it?

Was not the father of (John baptist) (Zacharias) struck dumb for many days, because he did not believe the words of the angel?

And do we not read the words from Gabriel the arch-Angel ... "For with God nothing shall be impossible" ! ( Luke 1:37 )

His word is forever settled in heaven; and he is indeed the God of the impossible.

But i am personally challenged by those words and in spite of those who would pervert the message today -- i will not go to the other extreme either, of placing limitations on the holy one of Israel.

I think that their is a very real danger of going from one extreme to the other ... which tends to be the case with human nature. You often see the (2)ends of extreme thinking today ... and they are known as the "pusher's" and the "puller's" ...and resultantly what often occurs is people then are "tossed to and fro" and kicked from pillar to post (in a manner of speaking): and don't know which way to turn or what to believe ( anymore ). But God if he is anything - is not a "God of confusion" (Amen!)

I myself am personally opposed to the excesses that are current in certain camps and cirles -- But that said ...ive been challenged lately to just "STEADY THE SHIP" as it were -- and not throw the baby out -along- with the bathwater.

You see i have personal friends who have been reading books decrying the "charismatic errors" and excesses! and by the time they have gone through and read several of these books - it is apparent that a new skepticism towards Divine healing and that of a "word of knowledge" is present with them ... and the supernatural and all of the gifts -- seem now to be almost spurned. But that is a sad outcome in my opinion.

And to some degree i can understand where they are coming from. The cautious spirit -- the apprehension and consternation regarding miracles and healings etc etc -- and so on. But what i do detect and sense about all this is a "fall out" about all such matters - to the degree they almost do not want to embrace (God) anymore as the God of the miraculous -- and the God of signs and wonders ! And that is sad place (also) to arrive at - in my opinion. :-(

I am of the persuasion that this a "transitional phase" that the body of Christ is going through. As we sift through all the hype, all of the couterfeit, all of the false manifestations, and all the theatrics and showmanship - out there.

Now let me assure you brethren All of those things do leave a bad taste in my mouth (also) -- and i dis-dain the current trend toward hype for hype's sake ...altho many shepherds today seem to be saying hype is good thing - in the church :-o

But either Mark chapter sixteen is valid and available (or) it is not ... you see brethren you have to settle these things in your own heart. And form your own conclusions - as to their validity in contemporary christianity and times.

If Christ said "the works i do you, you shall do and greater works than these, because i go to the father" then we have to ascertain if that is what he meant - and meant what he said?

Some say what he meant there is greater in quantity and not quality ... citing the disciple is not above his Lord as the proof text. But with-out digressing too much many of the old testament prophets did incredible things that Christ himself did not perform !!

Such as ~~ you might be wondering?

Joshua broke all the rules of physics did he not when he commanded the sun and the moon to stand still?

Moses parted the red sea with his Word and his staff ... did ne not? Elisha did similiar feats did he not. Philip the evangelist was supernaturally picked up and transported to another geographical location ... was he not? so much so that the ethiopian marvelled and went his way rejoicing ...upon realizing what had just happened and occured before his very "eyes"

Did not Paul say truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you ~~ in signs, wonders and mighty deeds ~~ is not this the same Paul who wrought special miracles by sending anointed cloths that incidently drove out the diseases and evil spirits from those who were afflicted?

We dare not throw out the baby with the bathwater or limit the holy one of Israel.

I have personally had a similiar cursing of the fig tree scenario which was indeed performed at the command of my word -- and also i spoke to the winds and to the rains recently, and it too obeyed me - and was performed.

Ive had visitations from angels according to Hebrews chapter 13:2 But did not realize it, until after my hospitality was given -- that it dawned on me -- what had truly just happened.

Now i know i was traveling well in this post -- with some in here, until i talked about angelic visitations, but i know in my heart of hearts it was a real and genuine experience -- and seeing it is taught in the book of Hebrews -- then who am i ... to be skeptical (or) cynical?

That is all for now brethren
Be blessed in the Saviour!!

Bro Stephen

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