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 God uses the common things in life

God uses the common things in life to get my attention and to draw me closer to Himself.

I began my day early, I had several errands I wanted to get done and as usual had the overwhelming feeling that there was not enough time to complete each task. I had taken my van in recently to one of the local tire dealers and had an alignment, new tires and brakes done. I was a little frustrated to be honest that I was having to return the van two days latter because the vehicle was pulling to the right quite hard. I went in early and talked with one of the customer service people, I explained in detail how I had called and talked with the gentleman who had worked on my van. I told her that he told me to bring the van by in the morning and there would be no wait, they would recheck my alignment numbers and check the tires and have me on my way. Once there I was not happy to find out that they would not be looking at my car and they wanted me to make an appointment for the following week to look at my van and that I would have to leave it for an hour or more. I sighed not really hiding my frustration at all. I told her that I had been told differently over the phone but that I would speak with my husband and call her later to set up a time. I left feeling annoyed and angry that I would again have to come back down and wait for my van.

After running several of my errands, I was able to speak with my husband and called the tire dealer back to set up the appointment. I spoke with another gentleman who told me to come right over, that the lady I had spoken to made a mistake and that he would help me out personally. He told me there would be no wait, he would cross balance my tires and have me in and out. I agreed and drove back down to the tire shop and handed over my keys. It was 11:45 and I was expecting a short wait, 5 or ten minutes at most. I smiled politely as I watched other vehicles be taken in before mine all the while I was fuming underneath. I could not believe that I was having to wait again. I could feel my anger rising and in my heart I had determined that this was the worst business in town and I would not only never come to them again but I would make sure that I told everyone I could never to give them business either. As I stood there, glancing at my cell phone clock, it was now 12:10 a woman walked in. She was probably a little older then myself and she had two children with her, a teenage daughter and son. I noticed right away that she looked exhausted. The young girl was chatting on her cell phone while her mother tried with a great deal of difficulty to handle her son. He was mentally handicapped. She held on to his shirt, and pulled him along behind her as she approached the customer service desk to inquire about her vehicle, it was not ready yet. She smiled and very sweetly said no problem, then went over to the chairs pulling her son behind her. I watched as the boy broke free from her grasp and began getting into things, and making loud noises. She calmly took him back to the chair but he pulled free again and seem to get upset. I watched over the next 15 minutes as she struggled to keep him happy and calm. As I watched her chase after her son to the bathroom, the water fountain, and around the waiting room with out once loosing her temper, my heart softened and I thought about my own sinful heart. Finally her car was called and she pulled her son along with her to the counter, still looking and sounding very winded. The gentleman apologized for the car taking so long, obviously feeling bad for making this poor woman wait. I was very humbled by her reply, she explained that the wait was not a problem, that she was just a little and over heated. She was tired from having walked 2 miles from the grocery store in the heat to pick up her car, so that the rest in the air conditioned waiting room was a welcome relief. I suddenly felt very convicted, I had spent the last 45 minutes fuming and being angry about having to wait for my van, scowling at anyone who looked my way. I thought about the woman and her child, it surely must be a daily struggle to care for him and his needs. In my heart I repented, my own five children are all healthy, three of them are old enough to care for the younger so I can run errands alone, and yet I grew angry over waiting in a air conditioned building with magazines and TV to occupy my time, coffee, tea and even free popcorn to snack on if I like.

Several minutes after the woman and her children left my van was done. I thanked the gentleman for fixing the problem, one tire was accidentally over inflated that was causing the pulling to one side. As I drove home I continued to pray and ask Father to forgive me for my sinful heart and attitude, I thanked Him for allowing me to spend that time in the tire store, to see that woman and to realize that I had on more then one occasion allowed my self to become angry and impatient when in similar situations. I repented of my attitude, my inpatients, and most of all, I repented for not demonstrating to others the love of Christ. I realize what a truly loving Father I have to show me the sin in my life that keeps me from Him. Everyday He continues to demonstrate His love in the most common ways to draw me nearer to Himself. My prayer is that my own heart will remain soft and willing to listen, to receive correction and that every sinful stumbling block that lies in my path will be cleared away so that I may daily walk with the Father!

Thank you for allowing me to share
God Bless you

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 Re: God uses the common things in life

Hi MaryJane,

Thank you so much for your sharing. My heart was dearly blessed and softened by the position of humility you take to share this.
O, the wonderful, wonderful grace of God that does not condem us but convicts us...

God bless you.

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