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 Vote for the Bible

G'day All!

Yahoo!7 is doing a poll in which they ask what your favourite book is.
So far The Bible is winning, but not too far behind is Harry Potter.

If you get a chance it would be good if you could vote for The Bible, which is ultimately the BEST book ever!

Josh Williamson

 2007/7/23 3:24Profile

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 Re: Vote for the Bible

I just did it and the Bible is still up. 8-) :-D


 2007/7/23 11:02Profile


Considering that Harry Potter is a fad... even if it did poll higher than the Bible today, 20 years from now it wont even be a blip on the radar.

However... it is interesting that the Bible has always been the number one best seller around the world... yet it is having very little impact.

The most popular [b]unread[/b] book in the history of the world. Even among so-called "believers".


 2007/7/23 11:12

 Re: Krispy

due respect sir, you wrote:

yet it is having very little impact.

The most popular unread book in the history of the world. Even among so-called "believers".

you are wrong, I don't write that to be contentious, or argumentative with you, no.

But don't sell God short, His Word is working, don't be disheartened, don't be fooled, and never (I say this in love) ever term a believer, as "so-called". There are people today, globally, who hold onto scraps and pieces and mimeographed Copies of His Word, treasuring it and burying it deep in their hearts, because they are not allowed, by earthly powers and authorities to possess it. Some, are even "walking" Bibles, having committed the whole Bible to memory. It was this way on the plantations in the south during the years of slavery, where slaves would not be allowed to read, because slaveowners were afraid if Africans got their hands on the Word, read it, they would know how far, their slaveowners were from Christ, and some of these slaves who were taught the English language and allowed to possess a Bible, actually committed every Word to memory, so that if their Bible was confiscated, they would still possess God's Holy Word.

Did you know that?

I write this in love, not contention.

God is at work in corners and in hearts we cannot even see, through His Word, His Logos. Hold onto hope, it's all we have.

ps...let them have their hairy potters, poor things, delusion. When the powers of the air lift something up, you gotta know it's just dross. Yesterday, I was driving and I saw three twenty-somethings clutching large books, I saw this from a distance, and immediately thought, "wow, they got Bibles, GLORY!!"...but then as I drove closer, I saw that they were all clutching their new copies of hairy potter, and I just shook my head, and thought, "oh no, he is a cunning foe, aint he Lord?"

and God told me, "don't even worry about it. I got things well in hand".

amen Lord.

 2007/7/23 11:28

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