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I'll leave it up to God to judge the hearts of men...

I think this is all we can do. I used to find this sort of thing very interesting, now I see it differently. I am called to speak the Gospel, we are called to take it to all nations - what we do/don't do, we will answer to God for. As for those that have or haven't heard it - they will also answer to God on that Day - which is coming soon enough, then we'll all know!

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If we say that creation is enough to save, then Christ died in vain, if we say that keeping the Law can save then Christ died in vain. It is Christ and Christ alone who can provide the righteousness God requires to justify a sinner.

I think the issue comes down to [i]response to revelation[/i]. How does an individual respond to the light they have? If they respond rightly they will receive more revelation- if not, that which they have shall be taken away.

Case in point; Cornelius. Here was Gentile doing alms to try to please the Lord as best as he knew. What did God do? He sent Peter to preach to him. If a person responds rightly to the revelation they have God would make a river in the desert getting a preacher to them. The Ethopian Eunuch comes to mind also. God knew the spot and time to meet this man- and he was saved. God has not changed. He is still doing these things. The problem is not that folk have not heard; the problem is that they have loved darkness and shunned even the little light they had.

Robert Wurtz II

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In response to the question itself:

30 Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent, 31 because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead.”
Acts 17:30-31

If God send those who have never heard the Gospel to Hell, it won't be because they don't have Jesus, but because they've sinned against God in thought, word and deed.

by pm4Hisglory on 2007/7/21 7:04:37

I've heard many people respond saying 'they aren't held accountable for something they have no knowledge of"

Unfortunately, the logical outcome of this thinking is also religious pluralism, as it asserts that a society's view of "God", no matter how idolatrous and far removed from worship that is "in spirit and in truth", is sufficient for salvation.

Secondly, it suggests that the holiness of God is ultimately dictated by human knowledge. I cannot see such a view as being anything less than blasphemous as it portrays God as essentially being empty and it's our job to "fill him up" in our worship, as opposed to God's glory being in actuality overflowing to the point that it just overwhelms and completely drowns those who encounter it.

by ginnyrose on 2007/7/21 11:20:16

So we are concerned whether the person who never heard the gospel will be condemned to hell? As I understand Romans 1, God reveals himself through nature and if a person will listen to that revelation, God will illuminate that conscience even more, bring that person to himself. There are testimonies of this very thing happening. We must not limit God to man's limitations.

As an example of the above, we hear reports how Jesus is revealing himself to Muslims via dreams. I just heard a report of an imam in a nearby city whom the LORD is speaking to by dreams. There is a book "I Dared to Call Him Father" by Bilquis Sheikh who details her conversion. She lived in Pakistan when she came to the LORD.

A companion question to the origianl one might be: do we then assume that everyone who hears the Word will repent, come to the LORD? The obvious answer is "No." It is my understanding of the nature of God that He knows who will respond and who will not and those he knows that will, he will provide for them an opportunity to come to him.

My thoughts...


As much as I do believe that the gift of prophecy is for believers today and that it can indeed manifest itself through dreams and visions, the problem is that scripture itself does not contain an account of someone being brought to salation through this means. While there are indeed examples of non-believers having dreams that were prophetic in nature (e.g., Joseph and Pharoah), I'm yet to find one where the dream lead someone to salvation.

Now many will say "Paul on the Road to Damascus!", but also bear in mind that this vision also contained an apostolic calling.

Just my $0.02

Benjamin Valentine

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Jesus Christ was the final revelation, it is complete. Unless a man hears the gospel of Jesus Christ and repents and believes, he is a hellbound soul. Yes God revealed himself in times past but Paul expresses that preaching must go forth for one to be saved.

 2007/7/23 8:49

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I agree with RobertW:

I think the issue comes down to response to revelation. How does an individual respond to the light they have? If they respond rightly they will receive more revelation- if not, that which they have shall be taken away.

If a man obeys the natural revelation God has given him and seeks God, even if the man doesn't know God, God will reveal Himself more and more to that man. I do not believe anyone whole heartedly seeking God will die without hearing the gospel.


Matthew Miskiewicz

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