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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Preparing for the DAY of the LORD

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 Preparing for the DAY of the LORD

I read over Greg Gordon's published articles this morning. In general, his message is one of getting right with God. As I contemplated his words I had the thought to ask this forum--should we be preparing not just spiritually, but also in the physical as men like Steve Quayle call us to do?

Should we be preparing as the squirrel for winter or does God's Word tell us otherwise?

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 Re: Preparing for the DAY of the LORD

there are scripture that says to "save" for harder times, in proverbs it says 6:6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

it is wise to save up for the future. in terms of preparing to the extreme i dont know,


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Good answer hmmhmm. I never believed in others "saving" up until someone showed me that verse.

But I also feel, ONLY the Holy Spirit can direct us.

Those with children especially should be VERY WISE.

As for me & my house, I feel we have only what the LORD provides, because we cannot "store up" anything, except prayer and time spent alone with Him.

"Some" of us, won't be able to use what we've stored up.
I "feel" I am just one of those.

So only GOD can answer this for each household.


 2007/7/16 15:54

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