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 Evangelicals Promoting The Wordly “Evan Almighty” Movie

Many evangelicals are promoting the worldly movie Evan Almighty, which blasphemously depicts a man in the role of Almighty God. Christianity Today has promoted the movie and the Baptist Press ran a favorable review. Four contemporary Christian bands (Switchfoot, Relient K, Jeremy Camp, DecembeRadio) performed at the premier to the movie, which is the sequel to the sacrilegious Bruce Almighty film. Based loosely on the biblical story of Noah, Evan Almighty depicts a congressman who is charged by God with building an ark. It turns the biblical flood, one of the most significant and serious events in human history, into a comedy, making a mockery of this terrible but righteous judgment. One review warns that "there are three jokes made about the male anatomy; a woman is shown getting into bed wearing lingerie; Evan is shown partially nude; there are some crude elements as well as several mild profanities ... and the Lord's name is taken in vain multiple times" ("Movie Review: 'False Theology' Sinks,", June 21, 2007). God is depicted in "irreverent and unholy ways" and adds an eleventh commandment: "Thou shalt do the dance," referring to a silly dance that Evan performs throughout the film. The movie denies the Bible by claiming that the Flood was not about God's wrath. Beyond all of this, a foundational error of the movie is the very fact that the thrice holy God is depicted as a man and is humanized after a "cool" fashion. This apostate generation will regret playing around with such holy themes. "There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness. There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up" (Proverbs 30:12-13).


 2007/7/13 8:17

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 Re: Evangelicals Promoting The Wordly “Evan Almighty” Movie

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, [b]except there come a falling away first[/b], and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

its sad, copy the world and give it a "christian" twist and sactify it and voila! Christian entertainment,

the sad thing is, things that where "tabu" to my unconverted grandparents, is ok for most christians today, go figure


 2007/7/13 8:38Profile


I appreciate the way you worded this krispy- I sent a copy around to some people on my email list.

 2007/7/13 9:02


I remember when Bruce Almighty came out Christian all over the place were praising that movie. I read reviews of it, and we decided not to see it. Christian friends kept encouraging us to rent it when it came out on DVD... so against our better judgement, we did.

We watched about 1/3 of it before we turned it off. Two of the first miracles Bruce performed was to cause a woman's dress to blow up exposing her thighs and ... well, you know... and also he enlarged his live-in girlfriend's breasts. Not to mention the profanity in the movie.

Thats the last time I watch (or read) something because Christians accuse me of judging something without actually watching (or reading) it. There are plenty of reviews out there for things like this, we dont need to get down into the mud with the pigs in order to understand that they are muddy.


 2007/7/13 10:28

 Re: Evangelicals Promoting The Wordly “Evan Almighty” Movie

who cares?

what do you expect?

Billions of lil kids worldwide don't even have clean drinking water...OR good food, that's what breaks my heart.

The entertainment industry, what would you expect from them? At least we got a fine movie from them in the "The Gospel of John", that's not bad. One out of ten thousand filthy offerings. (lol?)

(I don't write that as a slam or rebuke to your post, it's my way of saying "amen, what's next?"....what do WE do next?)

 2007/7/13 11:01


No one here expects anything from Hollywood. My contention is the promotion of this junk [b]from the church[/b].

This thread isnt about Hollywood, it's about the church's promotion of Hollywood junk. Unfortunately most believers dont take the time to take a look at what they're going to see... they just see that Focus on the Family has promoted it as a great movie for the family.


 2007/7/13 11:40

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Nottingham, England


For me, simply the title of the movie is reason enough not to go.

Any 'Christian' who justifies seeing it has to question if the Holy Spirit would enjoy them feeding the flesh for two hours, or however long the movie lasts.

Hollywood hates God and is anti-Christ. What any Christian would want to be associated with it is anyones guess.

As Ravenhill puts it 'we finance damnation' when we go and see these movie.

God help us.

God bless.

 2007/7/13 11:50Profile

 Focus on the Family

Lord help me stay my tongue when it comes to "Focus on the Family"....................

there. He did, thank you Jesus.

Blessings to you brother.

 2007/7/13 12:21

 Re: Focus on the Family

they just see that Focus on the Family has promoted it as a great movie for the family

Do you mean that they are promoting evan almighty???

 2007/7/13 12:23


Do you mean that they are promoting evan almighty???

Yes, they are.

To be fair, this is what Dr. Dobson had to say about it...

[i]A Special Word From Dr. James Dobson
For 17 years, Focus on the Family has been blessed to have individuals of unusual talent and commitment serving as media advisors to many believers and nonbelievers globally. Currently, Bob Smithouser, Bob Waliszewski and the Plugged In team review and evaluate movies and other media productions and help challenge all of us to honor Christ with our entertainment decisions.
They provide a tremendous service, and we are proud of the work they do as they reach out via this Web site that you're currently reading (drawing nearly one million parents and teens every month). In addition, the monthly Plugged In magazine impacts thousands of readers, while the radio movie-review feature reaches more than 5 million listeners weekly. I almost always agree with the opinions and recommendations the Plugged In team offers, because we draw our views from the same Judeo-Christian system of values. Occasionally, however, good men and women see things differently. In those cases we give our readers the facts from our individual points of view and let readers decide the issues for themselves. Such is the situation today with regard to the new movie Evan Almighty. You've read what the Plugged In team has had to say, above. Here's another perspective.

I recently saw the movie with my wife, Shirley, and the Vice President of Ministry Outreach, H.B. London, and his wife, Beverley. Afterward, we discussed what we had seen at length. We perceived Evan Almighty as a very entertaining movie which, although "over the top" at times in its slapstick humor, will delight most viewers. It has many laudable features, including a strong presentation of family values and a "feel good" ending. The storyline includes no illicit sex or violence and was better—far better—than the usual Hollywood fare. That is why I wish it were possible to endorse and recommend this picture, but I cannot do so.

My greatest objection to the film is its use of God's name irreverently in eight or 10 instances, as in "oh my ---." It was simply unnecessary to write the script this way, and I was bothered by it. I was also uncomfortable with the depiction of our most righteous God as an ordinary man who, though endearing and warm, danced and performed funny miracles. Some people, even individuals with similar beliefs to mine, will not be offended by this presentation. But I was taught at my mother's knee that God is profoundly holy, and we are to approach Him with deep humility and reverence. The first four of the Ten Commandments refer to this divine nature, including a warning to those who would misuse His name or refer to it disrespectfully. How can I endorse a movie that runs past those boundaries, even though most others do far worse?

Finally, I was concerned about the rewriting of the story of Noah and his ark. "God," played charmingly by Morgan Freeman, told the new Noah character that the first flood occurred because the people hadn't done enough "acts of random kindness" (as in A.R.K. Get it?). God destroyed the world and its inhabitants, the contemporary god said, not to punish a wicked and perverse generation as we read in Genesis 6, but as a benign object lesson to encourage people to be nicer to each other. It was bad theology and a radical distortion of Scripture.

As for whether my readers and their sons and daughters should see this film, that decision depends on their individual interpretations and beliefs. From my perspective, it is a shame that the movie is flawed in ways that could have so easily been avoided. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that the producers and writers did not include the gratuitous sex and violence that punctuates so many other offerings. Evan Almighty could have been a perennial favorite.[/i]


 2007/7/13 12:25

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