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Joined: 2004/7/29
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Jacksonville. Florida


Awesome...sounds like an awesome mentor ORM...R U still singing?

I love [and miss] the pure sweet sound of the acappella but we do not have the 'musicians' for it.

Oh, I fully understand how those TENORs can be a cat-a-walling group :roll: while basses are solid, steady and simply ....rumbly 8-)

...and there is alot of junk SG music out there :eek: - theatrical slides and trills, and 'its all about me' & unscriptural lyrics-

We enjoy upbeat, scripture based SG music... here is one we're doing next Wednesday at our church's End-of Summer Concert.

[b]My Answer is Yes
[url=]Brian Free and Assurance[/url]

Isaiah saw the Lord
High and lifted up.
And heard Him say whom shall I send,
Who will go for us?
Isaiah felt unworthy
To go and prophesy;
But his heart was more than willing
And this was his reply.

Anytime-anytime You need me;
Anywhere-anywhere You send me;
Anything-anything You ask of me;
My Answer is yes.
Lord, I’ll walk-in the narrow way,
Lord, I’ll talk-each and every day,
Lord, I’ll-be anything You want me to be
My answer is Yes.

I read within God’s word,
There’s work for me to do;
The harvest now is ready,
But laborers are few.
Sometimes I feel unworthy
To share salvation’s plan.
But Lord, You know I’m willing
To do what You command.


Lord, I’ll be anything You want me to be
My answer is Yes.[/b]

bill schnippert

 2007/8/23 11:29Profile

Joined: 2007/1/21
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Hi FreedbyJC,

Here's a great SG group. We've been to several of there concerts. If you like Brian Free you should like Legacy Five.

Here's a favorite one of theirs:

Verse 1
Some say His birth was of a virgin, some think His miracles can be explained away

Some say that He was just a good man, even though He died, He wasn't really raised

Skeptics rise and speak their lies

Truth is marching on, truth is marching on

Down the corridors of time, Invinvible, Divine

Until all that's false is finally gone

Truth is marching on

Verse 2
There will always be cynics and scoffers

Our faith has always had its noisy enemies

They may rise up but only for a moment

Yet we see evidence through the centuries

It's Jesus Christ, He's the Way, the Life

Glory, glory, Hallelujah

Glory, glory, Hallelujah

Down the corridors of time, Invincible, Divine

Until all that's false is finally gone

Truth is marching on


 2007/8/23 16:19Profile

Joined: 2004/7/29
Posts: 204
Jacksonville. Florida


Off the post warning ...:oops: :oops:

Awesome Group ... heard them in person several times. We want to do their [i]Preach The Word[/i] if they'll ever release it on an accompaniment trax.:roll:

For my nickel...The Perrys are the best! 8-) We do alot of their music. Their lyrics are always soldily grounded scripturally and no theatrics; they sing ther Gospel and the Word, they truly minister in Spirit and in Truth...they are awesome people too-watch them interact with the other groups and the audience when they are not singing. Joe and Matt's new songs from this next album are awesome and will be big hits for them...

Sorry ORM ... back to the post.

ORM are you still singing? I had a choir director [Tenor-are they all tenors?] who used to have a plaque that said [i]"To sing is to pray twice" [/i]-he's ministering in NC - near Charlotte now - made me understand that prayer is also a form of worship ... the most intimate form of worship that we have available to us.

If certain types/styles of music tend to minister to the more emotional connection than a intimate/spiritual one that our Lord demands when we worship Him ... [i]What do you think about positional prayer?[/i] Is one any better than another for communicating with the Lord? Does it fall back to the same personal disernments are we determine due to our personal experiences and personal preference?

Example: Are not those who have "experienced" the 'gifting of tongues' as more readily open to believing and extolling its special place in the spiritual gifts?

bill schnippert

 2007/8/29 8:58Profile

Joined: 2007/2/22
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Moscow PA


I admit I haven't read them all but still my heart grieves; Could it be that we as Christians are sending men woman to Hell by us not living holy separated lives? could it be that our music is dishonoring to God because we are to involved in the particulars and forget that there is a message in the tune there is a message in the beat there is a message in the words. and that all three must MUST honor exalt and glorify God; or "their blood WILL be REQUIRED at our hands!

Not all new music is bad but we as a church are so much like the world that THEY can not see the differance of Christ living in us and through us. They are looking for a fulfillment that the world doesn't offer, and that we as Christians don't have to offer due to fascination with either fulfilling our own desires or by lowering our standard to "reach the lost" Not to say we should not witness but to destroy our relationship with Christ to reach those to believe on God with their Head and not their heart.. Is not worth it!

In Peter it says some save with compassion and some with fear pulling them out of the fire hating even the garment spotted with the flesh!

May God guide even one to love him more through the rest of these posts.

Remember others are watching these posts and our job is to glorify God and lift Him up (Sola)

James Hargett

 2007/10/16 19:33Profile


Music is like waves. Music is music when it has a melody, a tune that flows up and down. Metal music is not music, it's noise, there is no melody.

Pop music and some Rockn'Roll music has melody.

I believe the melody in music is important to the LORD, because like the Spirit it too flows in waves and He can minister through that.

2 Kings 3:15 But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him.

This is not saying that God only comes around while music is playing, not at all. It's just telling us that this is one of the avenues He chooses to use (Thank God)

 2007/10/16 20:13

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