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Discussion Forum : General Topics : are there girls who dont let looks of a guy phase them?

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 Re: are there girls who dont let looks of a guy phase them?

Your post reminded me of a young man that was at the Bible College I attended. He was probably the most physically unattrative man I had ever seen in my life, at that time.
He was so full of life, and kindness. Had a great personality. Everyone enjoyed being around him. And above all that, his love for the Lord radiated.
So many of the girls liked him. One of my friends who later was in my wedding, was so very much in love with that young man. They were married shortly after my husband and I were.

Who and What a person is will supercede their looks...and that also means that a physically attractive person, can be quite unattractive if they are rude, unkind, controlling, jealous, insecure, judgemental etc...

I would recommend that you put the topic of dating aside. Focus on your relationship with the Lord...spending time, devoted dedicated determined time, in the Word. Let His Spirit renew your mind.
You need also to realize that God loves you so very much and your security should not depend on people...
Re read the replies of those who commented to your were given excellent feedback.
Rest in Him,

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