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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : A Shaking

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Joined: 2007/6/7
Posts: 429
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 A Shaking

Oh my blessed God
I can endure it no longer
I cannot bear the false, the shallow, the inauthentic

Not the falsity of the world
Not the superficiality of the church
But the artificiality of ME

If you have to shake my world
To shake loose
All the things that are not truth

Then shake me Lord
Turn me inside out
And upside down

And when the shaking is complete
Can I even imagine the joy
Of being real?


 2007/7/6 0:02Profile

Joined: 2007/6/7
Posts: 429
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 Re: A Shaking

I had written the post above in my journal but wasn’t going to post it. It was the overflow of my ponderings on several sermons and articles by Art Katz and the Lord’s dealings with me through them. My frustration needed an outlet, but it was not something I planned to share, until…..

I was reading in 1 John Chapter 2 and I came to verse 25:

And this is the promise that He has promised us – eternal life.

Life (2222) zoe

a. of the absolute fullness of life, both essential and ethical, which belongs to God, and through him both to the hypostatic "logos" and to Christ in whom the "logos" put on human nature real and genuine, a life active and vigorous, devoted to God, blessed, in the portion even in this world of those who put their trust in Christ, but after the resurrection to be consummated by new accessions (among them a more perfect body), and to last for ever.

I am absolutely beside myself!!! I am so thankful for His Word and His promises. He saw the frustration of my heart, heard the questionings. And He answered!! He answered!!


 2007/7/6 0:04Profile

Joined: 2006/5/22
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Nottingham, England


Quote: (among them a more perfect body)

Now that I need!

But seriously, I can sense the exhilaration you have in your post and I'm sincerely rejoicing with you.

Eternal life, to be where God is, to see Him face to face, it seems almost unreal because of this flesh in which we dwell. But God is awesome, and God is God.

God bless.

 2007/7/6 7:43Profile

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