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 Re: God Crucified -katz

[b]GOD CRUCIFIED for our sins and transgressions.

I ask you to show us if we've played with the wrong Cross, preferring the plastic kind which is lighter to carry but cannot sustain much weight.

You said that if you were raised up on the Cross that you will draw all men to yourself.(John 12:32)

I ask You to do it.[/b]

 2007/11/8 22:10


My brother, I agree with you in that, ...
First of all, I love Art,and loved this message and many more of his messages EXCEPT,this`God crusified'words . I too have thought about that
many times.
God can NEVER be crusified..God is the Spirit/WORD . The Bible says His WORD shall NEVER pass is everlasting.
Jn.1:1...,`The WORD was God'God is the WORD ...He is He that speaketh and it is done..He is the LORD over the whole earth and Heaven.I so wish I had the time to look up in the Bible and show us..that He is everlasting,
but my time is so limited
Please do look this up.

 2008/1/28 12:41

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well if you believe Jesus was God in the was God crucified

if you are a JW or someone who denies the trinity i can understand you would object to such a statement


 2008/1/28 12:49Profile

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 Re: God Crucified

Dear Ebeth

I also love Art Katz (did you know that he passed away from this life last year?) He had/has many excellent things to say.


 2008/1/28 12:51Profile


Thanks Sharon,
Yes, I do know,and my heart goes out to all
of that family, that church community, all of us who loved Art so dearly.
In His love,

 2008/1/29 8:33

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