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 Re: "Meth" the name of a demon

Hello Jaron,

Having read your post, there are two things I'd like to offer for your consideration.

Oswald Chambers said 'Ye shall receive the power of the Holy Ghost' - not power as a gift from the Holy Ghost; the power IS the Holy Ghost, not something which He imparts.'

[i]April 12, My Utmost for His Highest[/i]

On the matter of what angels are 'made' of. He didn't make angels of a substance which can be turned into spirits. They ARE simply 'spirit' in constitution, who can appear to look like men in appearance (as well as like what we would recognise as an 'angel').

Hebrews 1:14 (KJV)
[u]Are[/u] they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

Also, you said:

Therefore if we are seated with Christ we have power and authority to loose angels and spirits of God upon the earth to do war with the enemy.

The way I would put this is rather that we ask our Father His will, and pray to our Father in terms He gives us through the Spirit in us. Then, He decides whether to send angels as part of the answer to our prayer.

This way, we never think of the power as being our own. We bring it - the power of God - to bear on situations [i]only[/i] as we are led by God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

Can you see the difference?

We are not 'learn'ing in the same way as portrayed in tv dramas about witchcraft or Harry Potter stories portray it. The only thing we must press on to perfect, is the hearing of the word of God in our hearts, in line with scripture - for instance, when Peter kneeled down and prayed before Tabitha was raised from the dead, though we don't know what he prayed. But, I believe he sets us an example of calmness. The power is the Lord's. (Acts 9:40)

I really do hope we are saying the same thing. You make a good statement about our need to lay hold of our birthright as sons of God, and exercise faith as we should. I would suggest that this depends on not only the fact we are born of the Holy Spirit, but also our obedience to the specific leading of the Spirit in actual situations.

You will notice that Jesus very rarely went directly to people. Even the woman with a spirit of infirmity for 18 years, had made the effort to be in a place of worship and was worshipping, despite her hindrances. Amen. This is where Jesus met her. Most other people came to Him or were brought by family or friends. They wanted to be there. The same applies to casting out spirits. The person who is bound by a spirit must want to be free of it, or we render them vulnerable to a worse trouble.

 2007/7/10 10:44


May God bless you today, so richly.

I fear none but God, have faith in none but God.

I don't write that to refute your post, not at all.

God gave me two eyes, and a mind, and Graced me with the Gift of the Comforter, and those two eyes, I'm going to keep open, awake, as to the times we live in.

demons?....let them shudder in fear at the very mention of the Name of Christ, but Lord God use us as Your Hands, and Your Voice to set the captives free. amen.

much love in Jesus.

 2007/7/10 12:03

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 Re: "Meth" the name of a demon.

I know this is a very old post, but I wanted to agree with you on this post. I just watched "World's Most Dangerous Drug" on demand. I decided to google for opinions as to whether meth was the pharmakeia from Revelations. I have been exposed to all kinds of drug users, and meth users seem to be extremely open to demonic strong holds.

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I know very little about this stuff apart from what I have read, meaning that my personal experience is very limited.

However, I had a very strange experience at the Crises Pregnancy Center one day.

My client was a 30ish lady, single, tested positive to a pregnancy. She appeared clean but she stank terrible. So bad that after she left the odor lingered. In all of our years this has never happened before nor since as long as I was there.

This incident troubled me much until I read where demonic possession can do that. This made sense because she told me about the involvement of her boyfriend in the occult arts. Someone has also said that physical intimacy can result in a spirit transfer between the two participants. If this is true, this may be why the homos and others who are into immorality have such a difficult time walking away from that sin.

Actually, I am almost certain that those who are enslaved to sexual sins are bound by the devil. Their drive to sin is so excessive, far beyond normal. I know of no other explanation to explain why this craving is so strong. When God says do not do it it is for a good reason, one that is NOT subject to negotiation or debate.

Just a few thoughts for whatever it is worth...

BTW, this discussion started because of meth...long rabbit trail here, hope you can find your way back...:-)


Sandra Miller

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I had a problem linking onto the page given in the lead post.However, after doing a search I did find it.

Here is the current link:

Sandra Miller

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Joplin, Missouri


Hey Robert, I thought Joplin was the Meth capitol of the USA??? :-)

Actually Methamphetamine manufacture and usage is so prevalent in the part of the US that Robert and I are from that it is called the 417 drug, so named for the telephone area code we live in. If you want to get a perspective on the demonic influence of the drug I suggest reading the testimony of Steve Box. His book is called Meth Equals Sorcery. ISBN 0-9679603-0-4. If you google the bgook you can find his website. He describes his life as a dealer and user. There is truly a door opened to the supernatural through this drug and others. As to demons with names, there have been all sorts of methodologies for deliverance. I recall Derrick Prince and others. Some things were good, some things were flaky. The long and short of it is that demons are real, really inhabit some people, and can torment Christians at times. We as believers have been given authority over them in the name of Jesus. We can exercise that authority. We cannot overrule the authority of choice that another person is making. Some demons have names as we can see Biblically. We do not have to know the names specifically to cast them out. We just command them to go in Jesus name.


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