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 confess what sins and to who?

i got a question from a woman, she had someone call her and gave her a prophesy, saying she needed to go to this elder and confess some sins , two sins that she did before she became a christian, the one who spoke this "prophesy" is a respected and godly elder, but she felt that it was strange for her to go and confess thease sind becuse she did them before she became a christian, and she said she has asked *God of forgivness and she has repented of this, and she said she would feel very uncomfortable to go and speak about this with this older man.

i to found this strange and i cant find any scripture to support this, the sins she comitted was abortion, so to me that is just sin against God, Is there any scriptures at all to support this "prophesy"?

i told her to wait, im grateful for any help.



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 Re: confess what sins and to who?

Christian, this is not Biblical at all.

Verses about The Cross and our sin would do.

Also, read "War on the Saints" by Jesse Penn-Lewis.

No, if she had the abortion before she was saved it's in the "sea of forgetfulness" it's "under the blood".

The book above talks a lot about this stuff, of when "forced confessions" are imposed on Christians, either by a "spirit" or person.

Any Church with "prophets" like that, I'd run out of, fast.

 2007/7/3 14:59

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yeah my thought to , thank you for the advice, i can see where we need to go and pay back things we stolen and other things like that, go and say we are sorry and ask forgivness if we did something wrong. but in this case the only one she sinned against was God.


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 Re: confess what sins and to who?

I'm going to get on my soapbox now...

It is issues like this that solidify, to me, once again that fact that Doctrine is sooooo important.

We have to know what we believe and why we believe it. (White Horse Inn)

Did this "prophet" give this woman any scripture to support their "prophecy"? If not, I agree with Grannie Annie, tell this woman to run very far from those people.

If they were a true "prophet", like John the Baptist they would have directed her to go the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

Something like this hits very close to home with me, so forgive me if I sound so serious.

 2007/7/3 15:44

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 Re: confess what sins and to who?

[b]James 5
Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and
pray for one another so that you may be healed.[/b]

I'm not saying that the women should or should not confess the sin to that man but if we read carefully the verse says "you may be healed" and not "you may be forgiven".
I'm sure that she was forgiven for all her sins when she repented but there might be some wounds inside her... maybe some thoughts which come often in her mind or emotional wounds...

We can have our sins forgiven but there might still be something inside us that makes us feel uncomfortable. So we can confess our sins to some elders not to be forgiven but for support in prayer to be fully healed.
The woman should know if those sins continued to bother her in her mind or emotions.
If the woman who gave the prophecy told her to confess her sins to be forgiven, I think this is a deceitful spirit's lie which must not be listened.
These are just a few of my thoughts and I pray that God will guide this sister and you for giving any advice.

Vasile Filip

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 Re: confess what sins and to who?

My Prophet Speaks To The In-ward Man
We that once sought out the wisdom of men to live a self righteous life now turned and sought The Gate where Our mediator comes in the clouds of His Glory and consumes us. He is transforming us from a spirit of sin into a spirit of righteousness. If the woman is a Christian her heart has been cleansed and garnished. There are some that would say what about washing each others feet, I say that if she has injured this prophet she should ask his forgiveness but a Christian is clean every whit. The Holy Spirit that is in The Body of Christ Jesus is in her and transforming her inwardly from a child of darkness and wrath into a child of peace and light.
Tell her don’t ever look back but to keep her eyes on Jesus and confessing to a man as a go between her and God would be spiritual idiolatry to the Risen Glorified Son of God, her mediator..



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