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 Help getting rid of adware and spyware?

Hi, I know this isn't an SI topic but would really appreciate some advice.

I was talking to a friend on MSN Messenger when a link came that I thought she'd sent. I foolishly opened it without checking with her. Ever since than there've been pesky things on my machine that the scanning systems detect but don't permanently get rid of. However many times I reboot and scan, the things keep appearing. The adware is the worst. It attaches itself to a programme I'm using (even SI) and opens a window that I don't want. Even if I block it (which is usually but not always possible) and add it to the blocked ads list it still comes back, or a variation of it does.

I'm on broadband and have free protection systems in place, some of which block things in real time, but not adware it seems.

The two most troublesome are: (virus) W32/backdoorATUA; and the Adware virtuemonde. Both are in C:\windows\system32\11fggfd.dll

I have the Virgin media free antivirus etc, AVG and Ad-Aware.

Maybe I should get a paid protection (it does feel like a protection racket!) but not sure which one is the safest. I even get unwanted ads for antivirus systems!

Anyone tell me how to get rid of these pests for good?

I made recovery discs soon after buying the computer, but can't find the instructions on how to use them! I'm afraid to uninstall everything, (reformatting? Doesn't that clear the whole content of the hard drive?) even if I knew how. And there's the problem of reinstalling. Windows XP Home was on the computer when I bought it, but they didn't supply the disc. I do have Office discs.



 2007/7/3 13:09

 Re: Help getting rid of adware and spyware?

Go here...

Download [b]for free[/b] their...

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition


AVG Anti-Spyware Free Edition

This is what I use. I stopped buying MacAfee and Norton a long time ago and just run AVG for free. It works better than both those other ones. I'm convinced MacAfee and Norton are the ones who are sending out all the viruses!

Anyway... you'll be amazed at all the spyware AVG will find. I found a bunch of stuff the others went right past. And AVG does a great job of getting rid of them.


 2007/7/3 14:38


Thanks Krispy

I already got the AVG from Grisoft, but would have to buy to get rid of it apparently. And even then I wonder if it would...

All it does is warn me that the adware is present but doesn't stop it coming back.

Every time I change a page (like sending this reply) a new ad comes up, and the computer takes ages to respond.

Rebooting helps for a llittle while, then it all starts again.

It's driving me crazy! Another pop up just came offering antivirus services! :evil: Grrrrrrrrr

 2007/7/3 14:52

 Re: Help getting rid of adware and spyware?

I am having a hard time believing that [url=]Ad-Aware[/url] is giving you trouble. I use Ad-Aware religiously for several years and have had no troubles, in fact the program has saved my neck on many occasions. One method you could do is unplug your computer while it's in windows, and let your "scan disk" kick into gear on start up and I had it to remove many problems. Also, I have a free virus protection as well, [url=]AVAST[/url]

If your copy of Windows is genuine you can also download the "malicious software removal tool" from [url=]Microsoft[/url]

 2007/7/3 15:05

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 Re: Help getting rid of adware and spyware?

For starters, download and run [url=]HijackThis[/url] and email me a copy of the log file that it produces. There is also a log tutorial on that website that may help you to understand what's going on.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2007/7/3 15:23Profile

 Re: Born again computer!

thanks for all the advice and info everyone.

The Grisoft AVG site [i]is[/i] very good, but apparently an antidote to that particular version of the Backdoor virus hasn't been produced yet) I tried to follow some advice on pest control from the AVG users forum, and tracked down the area of System 32 where the virus and Adware were hiding. But when I tried to delete them it affected the system, and resulted in the whole screen becoming completely FULL of ghostly temporary folders of all my files!

At that point I gave up and managed to reformat the whole system, using the recovery discs made (thankfully) soon after buying the computer. I'd also made copies of documents etc, and printed a list of favourite sites, including SI.

So I've been busy much of the day reinstalling etc.

When you think of it, the whole thing is a parable. We just CAN'T get rid of sin by our own efforts. The only answer is "complete reformatting".

So I've learnt a lot about computers and been given a spiritual lesson as well 8-)

Thanks again to everyone


 2007/7/4 18:15

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