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 Feelings and relationships

I have a female friend that I pursued for a potential relationship last summer, which was subsequently denied. We have continued contact over the past year, and my desire for her comes and goes, but recently has been coming a lot more than going! The frustrating part is this: I KNOW she is not my future wife (at least now). Everything screams it. I know she has a heart for Christ, but she's stubborn, selfish, argumentative, doesn't understand authoritative structure God has ordained for the home, agrees with scripture but tends to rely on her own thoughts, etc (kind of like me and my rotten self:-)). But I care a tremendous lot for her, and still have feelings as if I am waiting for her even though I clearly shouldn't. I can't shake it. I want God to strip them from me, but behold, I wake up and there they are.

Any thoughts?
Grace and Peace

Denver McDaniel

 2007/6/29 2:03Profile

 Re: Feelings and relationships

I believe you are so lucky right now by this situation. When situations like these arise they tend to weigh down spiritually. And it is during these times we just let go and re-give God our everything and let him be our one main strong desire again. Then we come to remember he is our everything. Then he takes care of the little stuff for us again. You are blessed. (allow God in this time to be your only focus, and clarity will come)

 2007/6/29 2:11

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