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 MUST WATCH!! Prosperity Gospel Exposed

Please Watch these 3 Videos! (they are short and to the point.) Let this stir our hearts to weep and pray of the pride and sin of False Christianity!

The Gospel of Greed! The Gospel of God TV

A Word on the Love of Money (part 1)

The Narrow Road


 2007/6/29 1:51

 Re: MUST WATCH!! Prosperity Gospel Exposed

I’ve seen worse. At night they have so called Christian programs. They take on the look of an info-mercial. They even have new cars flash by the TV screen. I remember they said this. That a handkerchief is the only thing the bible shows when concerning special miracles. That you should send in to get your handkerchief right away. Then at the end they let you know that by, "sowing your seed" you will be on your way. I must admit it was upsetting me for a while very much, even towards un-holy anger. But then I allowed God to settle me down. And I just started writing down their names like ya do in a prayer meeting. I pray, and pray. I ask that we all continue to do so, until more and more Godly men will come out and rebuke these so-called prophets and false movements. And God restore the Kingdom message.

 2007/6/29 2:26

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This whole thing makes me want to puke. My best friend attends Creflo Dollar's church. I don't get it. He understands scripture so well (or so it seems), but when it comes to Dollar and his ear-scratching ilk, he is totally blind. Please pray for this hellish doctrine leading millions to the pit.

Denver McDaniel

 2007/6/29 2:30Profile

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 Re: MUST WATCH!! Prosperity Gospel Exposed

thank you abe-juliot for the videos.. i have seen that one with donnie swaggart before, but i had not seen the greed gospel one or the narrow path one..

there is such a contrast between the greed gospel and the narrow road one.

one is a video and preaching that appeals to the flesh, to the natural man and the other video is straight scripture.. it preaches of repentance, obedience and looking at things from an eternal perspective..

when will we quit trying to serve God so that He wil bless us and start serving God simply because He is I AM??

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 Re: MUST WATCH!! Prosperity Gospel Exposed

I thought the first link was a joke;
When they were selling the MONEY tape series;
The bullet points were listed as:
- WHY you need more money
-HOW to get more money
-HOW to have wealth without having a love of money
JUST a few quotes
MONEYYYY!!!!!! COME TO ME NOWWWW!!!!!!! Copeland


& One not on the link

Don't let nobody tell you, you can't have a new car cause Jesus rode in on Donkey that no man ever sat upon!!!!!!! Dollar

I can't believe the deception and the large following of such teaching,,
I think this is the first time I have heard this issue so blattenly preached,

I think David Wilkerson has a great message on the subject,
(that has been listed on this forum many times)

& As BeYeDoers stated let us be in prayer for those blinded by such hellish doctrines

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Thank you for posting these. I got to looking and theres quite a few videos showing these false teachers for what they are. I'm glad for that.

 2007/6/29 12:23Profile


It is very easy for me to watch these and be disgusted with the prosperity gospel. But, I want more than just a disgust. I need a godly anger against lies. I need tears from the spirit of God. We need God to give us all a strong burden to weep and intercede for all who are decieved into this filth.

 2007/6/30 19:57

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