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 Dealing with slander in the church

Dear saints,

This post by intrcssr83 (Ben) was made on 5/4/07 and no one answered it. I’ve thought quite a bit about this topic and have seen it happen (different circumstances) several times. If slander and gossip is not stopped it can have disastrous consequences to the church and its individual members.

Here's a hypothetical:

A slanderous rumor is started by a source outside the church regarding a member that is obviously not true yet it brings division within the church, unfair treatment by peers and the resulting stress starts to affect that person's ability to minister fully. The Senior Pastor, pending the member's permission, calls forth an assembly of the elders and members wherein he addresses the issues, and sets the record straight.

Yet enough personal damage has been done to the point that starts to affect the overall unity and integrity of the church.

[b]What should be done in such a case of slander towards an innocent?[/b]

What should be done when it is the leaders of the church who are being slandered?

How should a church member (I use that term in the sense of one who is regularly attending a fellowship) respond when told something negative about a third party who is not present?

How do you respond when an accusation (either one that is true or false) against yourself comes from a third person and the accuser does not go to you first but complains to others?

How can we as the Body of Christ promote unity amongst each other and not tear one another down? Why is there a willingness to hear negative information about a fellow Christian?

How can we discern truth that needs to be addressed and idle gossip that needs exposed for what it is?

I would really like to hear some insight that you have gleaned from the Scriptures on this and also what God has taught you from past experience.

A message that goes along the lines of what I am talking about is [url= ]‘Satan Found A Whisperer’ by Keith Daniel[/url]

Thanks ahead of time!



 2007/6/27 18:54

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 Re: Dealing with slander in the church

All I can say about this topic is to encourage all to listen to the message suggested by Joy: Satan Found a Whisperer by Keith Daniel. IMHO it should be required listening to all who frequent this forum.


Sandra Miller

 2007/6/27 20:04Profile

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