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 Messages needed for the local Church...

Hello all...

This morning, my sister and I discussed some of the pressing needs for the Church. While some local Churches are great at teaching some essential doctrines, they are deficient in others. For instance, one church that we were a part of growing up had a great deal of difficulty in teaching about "gossip." As a result, this wonderful church had many problems associated with this particular vice -- which continue to this day.

What else is lacking? Does your local Church or fellowship need further instruction in a singular area? Is it particular to your fellowship or is it common to all Churches in the west?


Much needed messages:
1. True intimacy with Christ
2. Gossip
3. Overcoming "great" and "small" sin
4. Distinguishing between what's of God and what's NOT of God
5. The history of a Church "service"
6. It's okay to question things...



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 Re: Messages needed for the local Church...

I've been pondering this question too except in another way... I'm looking for a church and I've been asking "What am I looking for?" "If "I" had a church, what would it look like?"

In some of the churches I've visited, I don't think preaching on one singular area is going to fix anything except make it more unbalanced than it already is. (I don't mean to imply that I am an expert on local churches, by any means).

In a local church, I believe what I am looking for is a man of God who actually listens to the Spirit and moves when He moves, stops when He stops, sing as the Spirit says to sing, etc. So many church's worship service is a "menu" (this is all we offer today because this is all we practiced this week), three songs and maybe raise your hands, say "amen!" and by golly, we've worshipped God! [If I did not learn years ago to find my quiet time at home and worship Him, I would be anorexic - spiritually.]

Also, a church cannot teach what is does not know. At the last church I went to, the preacher preached a sermon on pornography but at the end of it offered no help whatsoever to any struggling men, just put a couple of websites up on the powerpoint they could go to. People can disagree with me but I knew then that the preacher had a problem himself because he didn't offer to help in any way shape or form. (I kid you not). I was taught years ago by a wise and Godly pastor that "the sheep will only go as high on the mountain as the shepherd will take them," (Bro Herman).

Possibly, I'm looking for something that is not even out there. I'm NOT looking for perfection in a church but I am looking for a church where there is spiritual help when you need it. I do know they've all (every leader) has got to want to follow the leading of the Spirit instead of a formula.

Im sorry I didn't mean to make this about me. This has just been on my heart a lot lately. I've always went to "church," how does one go about finding a "house" church? I'm not opposed to those.

PS: I live north of Knoxville, TN if anyone has any clues for me!

 2007/6/27 19:42

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