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 The Day of the LORD is at Hand--Brother Can you STAND

As we approach God's judgment of man, this is the only question to ask ourself--are we ready to face Him? Following excerpt from the book:
[b][i]The Day of the Lord is at Hand.[/b][/i]

[size=x-small][color=000066][font=Georgia]We have to hear the voice of the LORD Jesus Christ for the present hour—if we are walking with God, in heart felt repentance, we will need no man to teach us. The Church in America has stopped at the message of salvation and the gifts of the Spirit, and has been unwilling to follow the LORD into sanctification and holiness. [/font][/color][/size]

[size=x-small][color=000066][font=Georgia]In this final hour the way is becoming increasingly narrow and only a few will actually follow the Lord all the way to true purity of mind and soul. These are the remnant of the LORD Jesus Christ, a handful of corn found on the top of the mountains, the holy seed which was willing to fall to the ground and die. Now shall be the time of their rising and the comforter shall be given unto them and without measure. They are a very little flock, few in number and very small indeed. These are the anointed of the LORD and He suffers no man to do them wrong. We cannot afford to get ahead of the LORD in this last hour. We must wait for the anointing and for the visitation of our God. [/font][/color][/size]

[size=x-small][color=000066][font=Georgia]The prophets within the Church no longer speak the word of the LORD, but speak according to the deception found within their own hearts. Deceiving and being deceived, they will wax worse and worse. There remains only a short time to repent, and then the door of grace shall close and the judgment begin. Many people have turned from the LORD and chosen men as their covering. The holy remnant has come out of the false churches and the Holy Spirit is leading each of them, setting them apart unto the LORD alone.

The LORD is also beginning to gather His remnant together from the four winds. We are now entering the crucial final hour. We must bring every area of our lives into perfect obedience to the will of the LORD for the door to grace shall remain open for just a little while longer, and then it shall be shut. Those who have entered in with perfect obedience, surrendering all to the LORD, shall be protected. Those who remain without shall be judged. We must be moving with the Spirit of God in this last hour if we don’t wish to miss the hour of our visitation. [/font][/color][/size]

[size=x-small][color=000066][font=Georgia]The remnant are of a kindred spirit, fitly joined together by God. They speak often, one to another, and the Lord listens to them, for they have the mind of Christ and walk in the fear of the LORD. Jesus Christ has gone before them to prepare a place for His little flock and He will plainly show us them the Father and set them free to do the Father’s will. He will equip His saints to stand in the hour which lies ahead, but we must do our part, and keep our hearts with all diligence.

Humility is the most precious grace we may develop within our souls. The bride of the LORD Jesus Christ is adorned with grace and humility. The higher the calling, and the greater the spiritual attainment and gifts, the greater the temptation to become high-minded. Humility is an ornament which can never be fashioned by self-effort. It only comes from a genuine work of the Holy Spirit.

As the bride advances more and more into the heavenly revelation, there is an increasing danger of becoming exalted. The beautiful grace of perfect humility is not only an ornament reflecting the glory of the LORD, but also a shield against the adversary of our souls. Let us seek humility daily, in prayers and fasting. Only the humble will see the day the Son of Man is revealed within His saints. The way of the LORD Jesus Christ is the cross, and death to all that is of self. We are standing at the threshold, and will soon enter the hour of testing.

Only those found fully consecrated in the LORD Jesus Christ will be able to stand. We have no idea how strong-willed and rebellious we are. Our safety lies in humility before the LORD. We must watch every thought, and bring them into captivity before the knowledge of the LORD. If we judge ourselves, we will not be judged. If we continue in self-will and rebellion, we will be destroyed. The LORD Jesus Christ is coming soon to be glorified in His saints. It is our choice whether we will found in Him when He comes. [/font][/color][/size]

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 Re: The Day of the LORD is at Hand--Brother Can you STAND

wow you said a mouthfull there brother that is good. amen

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 Re: The Day of the LORD is at Hand--Brother Can you STAND

Very good indeed, but the elect are still throughout the church. True prophets are still throughout the church. Those who walk in true Spirit given humility, still hiding among the church shadows ect.

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is this an online book?

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