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 We may be bringing many to be converts but are we making disciples?

Luke 14:28 NASB " For which one of you , when he wants to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it?

We are bringing many today into the world of Christedom , but are we doing what Christ desired? I hear so often to great comission qouted and used so bodly. But what was the great comission? Does the average christian today understand such a command?

Matthew 28:18-19 " All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth , Go therefore and make disciples of all nations , baptizing in the name of the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit

It tells us to make disciples , not bring many converts or lead people to just merely salvation. There are many today who have come to meet only a forgiving christ and are not merely disciples. Theres more in Christianity than forgiveness of sins. So today are we making disciples. And I do not ask you are the preachers of today making disciples? We are so quick to judge them and tell of all there lukewarmness and pathetic paths of leading others , well then are you leading people to be a disciple of Christ , or are you busy telling others how the average preacher is in error. The reason most of are not making disciples because we ourselves may not even be disciples.

A disciple is one who loves the Lord and serves the lord with absolutely nothing before him. One who is willing to sell all and buy all the Lord Jesus Christ has to offer. One who has as the verse above declares sat himself down and calculated to the cost and deemed it worthy to follow. One who loves nothing not even his children or his wife or family more than the lord Jesus Christ. A disciple is one who may have many things but posess nothing , so if asked to give that thing up its nothing to him.

Christ did not ask for anyone to just come and be a disciple he said you sit down and think about this. Do not follow me and then half way down the road say master how could you ask this of me this is too grand , too demanding. This desires my life , my soul , my everything. We are so caught up in getting large numbers the purity of the people does not mean a thing to us. We are not intrested in following the Lord's command and make disciples , but rather just make converts. We ease our coinscience with numbers thinking we are obeying the lord and are good little helpers , but all along we are not obeying Christ. He said make Disciples and there is something diffrent from a follower of Christ and a disciple.

At what cost are we teaching people to follow Christ and learn Christ? Do we like Christ tell them to grand demand it takes to be a disciple and then tell them sit down and count the cost. Do not shoot off words of boldness as Peter , Lord I will never forsake you. Count the cost are you willing to be my disciple? The Lord rejected the rich young ruler why because once he sat down and counted to the cost he felt it too grand. This is a man who was upright and loyal in keeping the Lords commandments. Yet he deep inside still held a posession. What about me and you are we disciples or just foolish followers like this man walking around as though we are the greatest of disciples. When the lord say's ah but Daniel there is still one thing you posess what will I do? Can you and I say Lord I will give all and sell all if you want me to , why because you are the number one thing I desire here in both heaven and on earth. This does not mean that you cannot have things , but take nothing and hold on to it so dear that you fear the Lord may one day ask you like the rich young ruler to give it to someone else. If this is you and me then we are not disciples. I must hold to all that I have as it is not my own , I have been given everything therefore I posses nothing and if it goes it goes it does not matter , because my supreme desire is the Lord Jesus Christ. Does the Lord have your whole heart or just pieces of it? If not then you are not a disciple.

I say this not to be hard and cruel but because I love all of you and want you all dearly to count the cost and consider where you are. This is for me more than you I just felt it necessary to also speak to you in love. Let us no longer fool ourselves let us become disciples and then not just win souls and bring converts , let us make disciples. Let us be disciples.


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 Re: We may be bringing many to be converts but are we making disciples?

this is a large problem, mostly it is this way i think because there are no one who takes responsibility for the newly saved, every one is thinking that is the pastors job.

i heard that a mormon expects to give 500 hours on one person to bring them in to their church. Thats quite some sacrifice when thinking they are totally wrong about most things. And have a fulltime job and a family to. And a lot of religious activities.

How much time I'm i ready to give from my life to say to them, follow me as i follow Christ.?


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