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 Salty Christianity


In Mark's Gospel, chapter 9... the disciples had been arguing about who was the greatest -- and it is a very important thing to some in the Church of Jesus Christ as to who is No. 1 Apostle, No. 2 Apostle, No. 3 Apostle, etc. Everyone has to be in their right order!

After the disciples' arguments the Lord Jesus took a little child, put him in their midst and said: 'This is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven', and went on to explain that if we do not live in that sort of way, but go on living with our self-ambition, self-assertion and exalting of what we are, all we are going to create is war, but it will be a war amongst God's people. John had just confessed: 'You know, Lord, I met a man the other day, and he was casting out devils in Your name, so I said to him: "Don't do it! You are not with us."' It is that sort of officialdom, superiority, feeling that we are the 'in group', which creates all the disturbance and antagonism in the Church. So verse 49 says "Everyone shall be salted with fire. Salt is good, but if the salt have lost its saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace one with another."

So the second reason for the necessity of salty Christianity is that it is the only way to preserve peace amongst God's people. By destroying that self-assertiveness whereby each of us strives for first place, we find peace with, and love for, one another. Can we apply this in our present context to-day? Do we really find a great deal of peace amongst God's people? Are we not still so concerned about arguing our pet point as to who is the first and who understands things the best, and everyone else is less than we are? We have such a great understanding, we are really the 'in crowd', we have the true appointment of God, and that man has not. And so there are divisions. We argue, we divide, and then some of us try to join together by signing bits of paper and dismissing our doctrines -- but that is not the way to solve the problem. The way is to get the salt of fire, the burning of the Holy Ghost. We need salt if we are going to live together in the peace of God's House, and we cannot do without it.

-Roger T. Forster

Ron Halverson

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