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 The trial of prosperity? - Spurgeon

The trial of prosperity?


How many have been destroyed by prosperity!

The fumes of popularity have turned the brains of many a man.

The adulation of multitudes has laid thousands low.

Many have I known who in a cottage seemed to fear God,
but in a mansion have forgotten him.

When their daily bread was earned with the sweat of their brow,
then it was they served the Lord, and went up to his house with
gladness. But their 'seeming religion' all departed when their
flocks and herds increased, and their gold and silver was

It is no easy thing to stand the trial of prosperity.

When the winds of affliction blow on a Christian's head, he just
pulls around him the cloak of heavenly consolation, and girds his
religion about him all the tighter for the fury of the storm.

But when the sun of prosperity shines on him, the traveler grows
warm, and full of delight and pleasure, he ungirds his cloak, and
lays it aside; so that what the storms of affliction never could
accomplish, the soft hand and the witchery of prosperity has
been able to perform.

Prosperity has been the Delilah that has shorn the
locks and taken away the strength of many a Samson.

This rock has witnessed the most fatal wrecks.


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