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 I think this will help!!!

I'm not going to list all of the scripture references, you will probably be familiar with most of them anyway. Okay where to start. Study the feast of first fruits in Leviticus. There you will find the tithe is first introduced. The Bible teaches that they brought their tithe to the storehouse the day after the sabbath. During the celebration the priest blessed a loaf of bread. We know he pulled a piece of the bread off (symbolic of the tenth) In Romans we read Christ is the "Firstfruits" of all that are dead. Let me break it down. The harvest was holy because the tithe was holy. The bread was holy because the lump was holy. When you receive Jesus you become a candidate for salvation, because Jesus is the "Firstfruit" Do you follow this so far???
We also know from Acts that when Paul would ask people that already believed in salvation through Jesus if they had recieved the baptism of the Holy Ghost they replied "We were unaware that there was another baptism" and when Paul prayed for them they began to speak in other tongues. (So that disqulifies the misconception about only needing the gift on the day of Pentecost) We also read in Galations Paul says we will sometimes pray with an inward groaning that words cannot express. ( bala lalala sounds like baby talk) Moving ahead through Romans Paul is talking to a group of people and says "Those of us who have the Firstfruits of the Spirit" Okay stop- now we have two different things firstfruits of salvation and firstfruits of the spirit. So what is the firstfruits of the "Spirit" remeber we are speaking about a tenth, so we know its not complete, (baby talk)
When my daughter was born she began to communicate with me with words and groans that could not be uttered. It was still communication but not words. I was still able to get the jist of what she wanted. Hungry, sleepy, diaper problems... as she got older she started using words like "baba" interpreted bottle. She was still effective in her commumication but she did not yet speak the true language of her father. As she is now 6 she can speak to me in a complete dialog which i understand or she can still cry out to me. Both of which are effective forms of communication.
When a new believer first receives the gift of tongues it may not be a complete dialect. why? For years they have known only english (or whatever language) but its odd for them to "pray without understanding- without their mind unfruitful" but this doesnt mean its fake or un effective. It is only firstfruits
I tend to lean (now this is just me) toward the view of a Christian who has this gift and has used it for years will probably not still sound like a baby chatter. If so (now this is just my view) It could be that this particular believer really has no prayer life and knows that he or she can mask that by speaking a balabala chapa chapa (baby chatter) I'm in no way saying that bala bala lala is not an effective prayer.
So as the Spirit leads you to allow your mouth to be used by him... if it first comes out as baby sonding chatter continue that. I belive that is the first fruits of the spirit. And as you mature you will find that your prayer language will develop into a beautiful and usefull tool (if you will allow me to use that term)
Acts tells us the reason Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jeruselum was to receive POWER so that they could be witnesses in the world. Any of us can attest to the fact that to be a real follower of Christ and be used everday in the workplace really takes power. Suppose you are going to build a house. You can use a hand saw. and it is effective and the job will get done but it will be much more work and take longer. Or you can use POWER now, how much more effective is it.
I believe prayer is the biggest problem or where Christians usually lack the most. Think about it when people are honest and age confessing they generally say "My prayer life is lacking" Do you suppose God wanted it to be a hard thing? Is prayer and spending time in the closet supposed to be a chore? I believe God has blessed us with this supernatural gift so that we could be emPOWERED to preach the good news.
Now the topic of interpretaion is a totally different subject. Paul lists them seperately in Corinthians 12. Anyway that is the way I interpret this subject and when it was taught in this way I was in lightbulb city. There is a evangelist named Perry Stone that taught this topic this way, and it was very good. You can google him if you want.
-God Bless

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 Re: I think this will help!!!


I 'think' you meant to post this post here ...

Well, anyhow ~ WELCOME COUNTYMOUNTY. Nice to have you here and hope you are edified and built up here. I enjoyed your post.

I still say "bah-bah" too, cuz I'm just a sheep.

Lord Bless you & yours. Num. 6:24-26

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 Re: Hello and welcome


I to would like to welcome you and encourage you to feel at home here.
May I suggest that you not over look the welcome and intro page and if you would like, post a little about yourself and where you are from.
As disciples of Christ we are joined unto the Lord by one spirit and are the spiritual children of our Heavenly Father. We are all read and learn and build our lives on the Word of God and JOINED BY BONDS OF LOVE AND CHARITY whom the WHOLE BODY fitly joined together in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

Welcome in Brotherly Love,


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 Re: I think this will help!!!

[url=]Here is my response to this post in the correct thread[/url]

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