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 The Beauty of giving all

Our lives are composed of momments engraved in thoughts and memories.Choises and desitions that come together to form History,not just any history,but ours.Men and women that made impacts in the way we think and act.Many of us have had exelent examples to live by.For some they have been our parents,for others they have been friends and known ones.But there is one person in particular who diserves to be followed above all others.His name is Jesus Christ.His life is full of live-changing examples that hve touched the lives of many for generations.His passion for you and I is marked by a display of love and companion that makes the strongest and most wiked siners fall flat on their faces weeping and asking for mercy.We also notice an unquenchable thirst to do the will of his father.That thirst is the result of a live entirely dedicated to the servise of God.Because of his obedience to his father is that we have the tremendous privilege to be God's own children.My dear brother and sister now,more than ever,is the time to be true Christians.It's time to be the examples God wants us to be.He wants us to be like himself.To live lives that would shake this world in wich we live in.Oh brethren in christ lets stop being mediocre and start to give our all to God.Every day millions of people live in poverity;Theywake up in poverity and they go to sleep in poverity,and even worst they die without ever having herd of Jesus Christ.We ought to thank him for every breath that we take and for the privilage of knowing him.We are called to live like christ lived.To walk down the streets with HOLINESS and with passion for the lost souls.Knowing that if we have him living in us then there is nothing to be afraid of.Oh,my brother and sister,to have that joy unspeakable to be with us despite de sircumstanses aroud us,despite fellings of happiness or sadness.How beautiful it is to live in such a way that would reflect Christ's presense in us.Lives that would make others without a shadow of a dought that our lives are in accordance to God.Oh,what would the World be like if all of us would one day say what Paul said in Galeatians 2:20:"I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."How beautiful to one day stand before God allmighty and to know that we gave him our best.Tears of joy would run down our cheeks and our lives would say:God,I gave you everything I had.Brother and Sister do not stop pesuing God himself no matter what the cost may be.Never forget that we only have one life to live and only what we did for God will matter at the end.All the Glory be to our Father.


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 Re: The Beauty of giving all

To give all to God is truly beautiful because He gave all for us.

We should live with this in our hearts and minds on a daily basis. And when we do give all, it is no more than should be expected of us, Luke 17v10.

Thanks for the encouragement.

God bless.

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when I frist came to know the Lord. I thought I need to give my car to the Lord. My mother was very upset at a crazy thought like that. It seemed I had Christ, really I had all I needed.
I kept the car, but my in my heart I held it out ready to give it if God wanted me too. I think our giving should seem crazy. One person, gave all their pay check to the Lord. When I was going to go Africa to do mission work. God said don't keep these things. Which was 1/3 of what I had. So I was going to sell it. Then a lady whom I didn't know called and said somtimes the Lord just wants you give it away. So I did. I have to keep asking God what I am not willing to give up at any moment? even those I love. There is real freedom when we give to the Lord. But there somthings that I have found are harder to give up then other things.
It is better to give, then get

in his love

in his love


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