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Wouldn't this fall under the obedience factor again? Kind of like men with long hair, it's not explicitly forbidden, but it's not best.



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 Re: Getting to know you!


PaulWest wrote:
I use Brell Cream in my hair, my black plastic framed glasses are held together at the center with a white piece of tape, and along with my black slacks and black shoe I wear white socks. Oh... an I sleep with a tie on.

Jerry Lewis on steroids - yup, that's how I pictured Steve. He forgot to tell us about his bucked-teeth (this is where the name "Krittr" comes from). It's okay. People tend to think I'm this huge nerdy guy too...but then they see me in a suit and think I look like a hit man. Never judge by cyber appearance (right, Steve?)

Brother Paul :-P

I confess I tend to think that those who have avatars (spelling) of a person look like that picture, and about the same age!

Anyone think I look like a silly sheep? I did go to a Christian fancy dress party last Christmas time, as the Lost Sheep, singing:
"show me the way to go home
I'm tired and I wanna go to baaaaaed"

Now that's something you don't want to dress as - very hot and i couldn't see where I was going cos of the mask!


 2007/6/8 16:20



BrokenOne wrote:
I followed this thread all day yesterday and the Lord has used it to bring much needed change into my life.

When I got saved, one of the first things the Lord dealt with me about was my manner of dress. I didn’t hear it from a sermon or from another believer, but from the Spirit of God. So I got rid of all the mini-skirts and low cut blouses and bought new clothes that I felt like would be pleasing to the Lord. This mostly consisted of long skirts and loose fitting tops. During this time of my life as a new believer seeking to draw close to the Lord, the thing people noticed about me was not my appearance or my figure – it was the beauty and radiance of Christ that they saw. Over the course of time, I began to incorporate more “professional” looking clothing into my wardrobe, but during a recent time of seeking God I felt like He was dealing with me again about my clothing. Reading the posts in this topic about what a stumbling block this is for men just broke my heart because I have been guilty of this. My desire for attention, which should have driven me to the feet of Jesus, instead found satisfaction by dressing in a way to draw attention to my figure.

Last night I cleaned out my closet and bought new clothes. Today I feel that I am dressed the way a woman of God should dress – modestly. I truly desire that my appearance would bring honor and glory to Him again and that Christ would be my beauty.

Welcome Sister!

Mmmm, I suppose I never liked mini skirts and low cut dresses anyway, and couldn't act seductive if I tried - even as a young adult... Just wasn't interested in dressing to attract anyone. Though I did worry that maybe no-one would want me for that reason. Having a boyfriend (the first and only!) age 18 reassured me that I was at least "normal" and [i]someone[/i] found me attractive, so I didn't worry about it too much any more. Especially as I finally found God around that time too.

It certainly never occurred to me that "dowdy boring ol me" would be a source of temptation to men! - (Even wearing, not too mini, mini skirts because that was the fashion and you couldn't easily get any other kind). Yet when I became a Christian a friend said I looked "quite beautiful"!

Indeed it's the light of Christ in us that is what makes for true beauty.



 2007/6/8 16:33

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 Re: Dresses and Such

I've found myself that the Indian (traditional Hindu/Moghul) culture is extremely modest and comfortable. I find one of the females' dress( the punjabi clothing) a good compromise between pants and dress or skirts. Like what GrannieAnnie said she wears, it is a very long tunic and loose pants. Most are bright; however, there are less bright ones for those who do not want to call attention to themselves. If I had the money, I think almost all of my clothing would consist of this garb.


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