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I like it. I like it alot.



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Just to give ideas to others, I want to share something I've learned on my quest for distributing tracts (tracts is a form of evangelism commended by Charles Spurgeon among many other faithful Christians. A quick testimony, as a pot-smoking nonChristian, I used to pick up religious literature at the laundromat because I was so poor, that was just about the only reading material I could get. Tracts are used by God, I believe it. The really creative ones, comics, etc are more appealing among teens and young people)

A few weeks ago, the church Wednesday meeting had a different get together going on that I had forgotten about. They cancelled the nursery, so I left (a 3 year old boy is not going to be quiet for long). The church has a lot of land and space, with a playground, soccerfield, walking trail, etc. So we went to the playground. This church is getting into the urban areas of town, but I was still surprised to see all these teens at church in the back part. It's good they are at church, but I was surprised that while worship and fellowship is going on as usual on Wednesday night, all these teenagers were out in the back cussing and swearing and dressed bad, tough looking teens. I thought "man, here is a mission field right behind the church." I am leaving different tracts back there as often as I can now that I know that.

The urban areas are mission fields. The closer you get to downtown or other high crime areas, the more Christians should be reaching out (Jehovah Witnesses are the only ones visably witnessing in San Antonio until my mom came along). Those urban areas have gangs, the kids have parents on alcohol and drugs, parents don't care and let their kids run on the streets doing whatever they want. I know this from experience, I've been there. Many urban people have not been exposed to false gospels or church. They may look bad or satanic, but the ones who are hurt and abused more often copy that and become abusers and nasty people (let the demons take over). As a nonChristian, I used to think I was better than Satan, but I was a demon worshipper myself, and had friends who are satan worshippers and witches. One witch I know works as a bartender at a very popular club downtown. She is very pretty and nice, you would never guess she's into witchcraft. (I mailed that club some tracts)


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 Re: witnessing


Great ideas! You have a great opportunity to seek out the "least of these". Many times it much easier to get through to the lost than the christian "in name only" (the pharisee).

Keep looking for opportunities- the Lord will bless you along the way. :-)

Walking with him, Chanin


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